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タイトル: 櫻島近傍に於ける地殻の變動に就て
その他のタイトル: Deformation of the Earth's Crust in the Neighbourhood of Sakurazima
著者: 宮部, 直巳
著者(別言語): Miyabe, Naomi
発行日: 1934年9月30日
出版者: 東京帝国大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京帝国大学地震研究所彙報. 第12冊第3号, 1934.9.30, pp.471-481
抄録: In the recent relevellings that were done along the Pacific coast from Koti to Kagosima, we notice a characteristic mode in the deformation of the earth's crust in the neighbourhood of Sakurazima. As already pointed out by Mr. C. Tsuboi in connection with the vertical displacements measured in 1914, 1915, and 1919, the earth's crust in this district is composed of a number of land blocks that had tilted in various directions in different epiochs. Of these crustal blocks described by the same writer, the one on which stand benchmarks, B. M. 2474-2482 tilts only in a certain definite direction, that is, N25°W-S25°E. It is interesting to note that this same land block, tilted during 1919-1932 in the same direction, as shown by the full sine curve in Fig. 7. In this figure, the sine curves in broken lines represent the amounts and directions of tilts in the interval 1892-1914, 1914-1915, and 1915-1919, of the block as deduced from their amplitudes and the phase angles of their maxima.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/10140
ISSN: 00408972


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