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2015年3月24日BAALC potentiates oncogenic ERK pathway through interactions with MEKK1 and KLF4.森田, 剣; Morita, Ken
2008年9月30日Bacterial flagellar filament protein unfolding/refolding mechanisms studied by molecular dynamics simulationsChng Choon-peng; チェン, チウンペエン
2014年9月26日Bacterial leakage potential through microfiltration membranes with different nominal pore sizes under the normal operating conditions for water treatmentTheepharaksapan, Suthida; ティーパラクサパン, スティダー
2014年3月24日Band structure and ferromagnetism in III-V ferromagnetic semiconductor GaMnAs宗田, 伊理也; Muneta, Iriya
2014年3月24日Barometric Pressure Sensing Using the Effect of Fluid Structure Interaction in Cantilever-based StructureNguyen Minh Dung; グェン ミン ジューン
2015年3月24日Basic research for photosynthetic production of isoprenoids in cyanobacteria清田, 浩史; KIYOTA, Hiroshi
1991年4月24日Basic Studies on Local Adoptive Immunotherapy with Lymphokine-activated Killer (LAK) Cells and It’s Clinical Application to Malignant GliomasNakamura, Hirohiko; 中村, 博彦
1989年3月17日Basic Thecry of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Liquids and Its Application to Analytical Chemistry and SpectroscopyKitamori, Takehiko; 北森, 武彦
2015年3月24日BCMAシステムを用いた薬剤廃棄の影響要因の分析小森, 正智; Komori, Masatomo
1986年9月26日Beam Polarization in High Energy Electron Storage RingsYokoya, Kaoru; 横谷, 馨
2013年12月25日Behavior of bacteriophages in the course of wastewater treatment and attempts to identify their hosts based on the analysis of 16S rRNA in supernatant楊, 賀; Yang He
2015年3月24日Behavioral genetic analysis of the role of NMDA receptors at intralaminar thalamic nuclei in brain higher-order functions安田, 光佑; Yasuda, Kosuke
2014年3月24日Behavioral state- and olfactory sensory input-dependent regulation of life/death decision and dendritic morphology of adult-born granule cells in the olfactory bulb持丸, 大輔; Mochimaru, Daisuke
2009年3月23日Behavioral state-dependent change of dendrodendritic synaptic inhibition in the rat olfactory bulb津野, 祐輔
2014年3月24日Beliaev Theory of Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates and Its ApplicationsNGUYEN, Thanh Phuc; グェン, タン フク
2015年3月24日Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces associated to non-negative self-adjoint operators胡, 国荣; Hu Guorong
1997年2月13日Bessel関数の零点を標本点に用いた補間法および数値積分法の研究緒方, 秀教
2014年3月24日Beta-decay spectroscopy on neutron-rich nuclei in a range of Z = 26-32徐, 正宇; Xu, Zhengyu
2011年9月27日Better understanding and recognition of leucine-rich nuclear export signals : expanded dataset, novel feature analysis, and the development of an improved prediction methodFu, Szu-Chin; 傅, 思縉
2015年3月24日Beyond protection of invention : Economic analysis on appropriating technology by patent collateralization and licensing党, 建偉; Dang, Jianwei
検索結果表示: 330 - 349 / 5591
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