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1984年3月31日A $2$-local geometry for the Fischer group $F\sb{24}$Kitazume, Masaaki
1970年3月31日A characterization of Janko's two new simple groupsGorenstein, Daniel; Harada, Koichiro
1975年3月25日A characterization of odd order extensions of the Ree groups ${}^2F_4(q)$Shinoda, Ken-Ichi; Iwahori, N.
1977年12月24日A classification of some even dimensional fibered knotsKojima, Sadayoshi; Tamura, I.
1974年12月14日A coincidence theorem for involutions on mod 2 homology spheresKato, Akira; Hattori, A.
1989年A construction of the perturbed solution of semilinear elliptic equation in the singularly perturbed domainJimbo, Shuichi
1993年A decomposition of the adjoint representation of $U\sb q({\germ s}{\germ l}\sb 2)$Ariki, Susumu
1963年10月31日A generalization of secondary composition and its applicationsOguchi, Kunio
1977年10月30日A global version of Eskin's theorem : Dedicated to Professor S. Furuya, on the occasion of his 60th birthdayFujiwara, Daisuke
1966年3月19日A lemma on open convex conesOchiai, Takushiro
1977年10月30日A length formula in a semigroup of mappings : Dedicated to Professor S. Furuya on his 60th birthdayIwahori, Nobuko
1993年A local vanishing theorem for ultradistributions with analytic parametersTanabe, Susumu; Takiguchi, Takashi
1988年A mathematical study of the charge simulation method IKatsurada, Masashi; Okamoto, Hisashi
1979年3月31日A new characteristic number for almost free $T^2$-actionsIshihara, Koichiro
1988年A note on Dehn surgery on links and divisors of varieties of group representationsKuga, Ken'Ichi
1973年10月25日A note on geometrically reductive groupsTakeuchi, Mitsuhiro; Iwahori, N.
1972年1月31日A note on nonlinear dispersive operatorsSato, Ken-Iti; Ito, S.
1969年12月20日A note on pseudo groupsMorton E. Harris
1974年8月30日A note on reduction of positive operatorsMiyajima, Shizuo; Ito, S.
1976年3月30日A note on reduction of positive operators, IIMiyajima, Shizuo; Ito, S.
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 624
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