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タイトル: 62. Identification of Tephra by Means of Ferromagnetic Minerals in Pumice
その他のタイトル: 62.軽石中の強磁性鉱物によるテフラの同定
著者: Momose, Kan'ichi
Kobayashi, Kunio
Minagawa, Koichi
Machida, Mizuo
著者(別言語): 百瀬, 寛一
小林, 国夫
皆川, 紘一
町田, 瑞男
発行日: 1969年3月17日
出版者: 東京大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京大学地震研究所彙報. 第46冊第6号, 1969.3.17, pp. 1275-1292
抄録: For the purpose of tephrochronology (volcanic ash chronology), we conducted a series of thermomagnetic studies on ferromagnetic minerals of pumice grains from pumice-fall layers embedded within the Pleistocene tephra (volcanic ash) deposits. The results hitherto obtained well indicate: (1) Thermomagnetic property of ferromagnetic minerals separated from six pumice layers which are expressed, from older to younger, by the symbols Pm-F, Pm-I', Pm-II, Pm-II', Pm-III, and Pm-IV (the last one is otherwise expressed as Sc-I, because it would better be called scoria) within the Shinshu Loam (tephra) formation, leads to a conclusion that the relation between the Curie temperature and the lattice constant of ferromagnetic minerals in pumices is comparable to the corresponding relation in respect to the minerals in volcanic rocks. (2) Ferromagnetic minerals from pumice layers within the Kanto Loam section at Kajiyama in Yokohama were studied. Thermomagnetic analysis justified our former expectation that the Pm-I could be recognized within this section which is ca. 200 km apart from the source volcano. (3) It has thus been confirmed that pumice grains from each pumice layer has a definite Curie temperature pertinent to their ferromagnetic minerals in various grain-size fractions. Thermomagnetic examination would, accordingly, be helpful for identification of pumices.|テフラ(降下火山砕屑物)の同定を目的として,その中の軽石中の強磁性鉱物の磁気的性質に注目し熱磁気測定を行つた.この実験に使用した試料は御岳火山起源の中期および新期ローム層中の6枚の軽石層と関東地方の下末吉・武蔵野ローム層中の12枚の軽石層中の軽石中のものである.(1)御岳火山起原の軽石中の強磁性鉱物のキュリー温度は下位軽石層(Pm-I')から上位軽石層(Sc-1)にむかつて大局的に低下し,それぞれ相違した.(2)各地に分布する御岳火山起原の中期および新期ロームにぞくする各軽石層は意地如何にかかわらずよく一致した.(3)下末吉・武蔵野ローム層中の軽石中の強磁性鉱物のキュリー温度は,Pm-I軽石層を除き280°-350℃にあつて,御岳火山起原の後者の450℃とは顕著な差違を示した.以上の事実にもとづきテフラの固定に際し軽石中の強磁性鉱物のキュリー温度及び熱磁気曲線のタイプに注目することは,従来の諸方法の限界を拡張する可能性が大きい.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/12433
ISSN: 00408972


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