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タイトル: 55. Seismicity and Travel-Time Anomaly in and around Japan
その他のタイトル: 55.日本付近の地震活動と走時異常
著者: Ishida, Mizuho
著者(別言語): 石田, 瑞穂
発行日: 1971年1月30日
出版者: 東京大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京大学地震研究所彙報. 第48冊第6号, 1971.1.30, pp. 1023-1051
抄録: This paper is concerned with the seismicity and related problems in and around the Japanese Islands. The area covered in this study is bounded by latitudes 25°N and 50°N, and longitudes 128°E and 150°E. About 410 hypocenters of earthquakes which occurred during the year 1967 have been relocated. The accuracy of the epicenter and depth determinations is improved by inclusion of accurate data from nearby stations. The absolute error of the epicenter and depth is estimated to be about 20km. The thickness of the intermediate and deep seismic plane in the Kuril-Hokkaido region is determined to be about 20km; this is significantly smaller than the value previously determined. The intermediate and deep earthquakes are confined to a thin zone about 20km thick in the Honshu region and about 50km in the Izu-Bonin Islands region. In the Izu-Bonin Islands region, the seismic activity is very low at depths from 50 to 250km. This depth range coincides approximately with the depth of the low-velocity layer in this region. The distribution of intermediate and deep earthquakes, is not uniform in space and time. They tend to swarm at a certain place on the seismic plane. The spatial distribution of intermediate and deep earthquakes varies from month to month. However, the seismicity over a one year period resembles closely that over a much longer period. The relation between the structural anomaly and the seismic activity is examined by using travel-time anomalies observed at Japanese stations. A plate-like structure exists beneath the Japanese Islands; it is more remarkable in the southern part than in the northern part. The low-velocity zone below the seismic plane seems to be delimited to a region parallel to the seismic plane.|日本列島付近の地震活動とそれに付随する問題を調べる為,北緯25°から50°,東経128°から150°の範囲に1967年1年間に起きた約410の地震について震源を再決定した.世界中の観測所のデータとともに,近距離にある高精度の観測所のデータをも用いた為,この範囲での震源決定の絶対精度は,非常に良くなり,約20kmと推測できる.その結果,中深発地震面の厚さは,Kuril-Hokkaido,Honshuでは約20km,Izu-Bonin Islandsでは約50km以内と考えられる.Izu-Bonin Islandsでは,50kmから250kmの深さで地震活動は非常に減少する.この深さは,この地域でのlow-velocity layerの深さと一致する,中深発地震の震源分布は,空間的時間的に一様でなく,震源面のある部分に集中する傾向があり,地震の起こり方も月別に非常に変化する.しかし,1年間のP地震活動と,長期間にわたる地震活動とは,全体として見れば,かなり良く似ている.観測された波の走時異常から,日本の下のマントルの構造異常と地震活動の関係を調べた.深発地震面より上(陸)側のマントルと,深発地震面より下(海)側のマントルでは,深発地震面を含む深発地震面に平行なマントル内でより,P波の平均的な速さが2~3%遅いと考えられる.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/12553
ISSN: 00408972


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