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タイトル: 1980年伊豆半島東方沖地震および同群発地震の加速度強震記録と最大加速度データ
その他のタイトル: Strong-Motion Accelerograms and Maximum Acceleration Data of the Izu-Hanto-Toho-Oki Earthquake and the Swarm Earthquakes of 1980
著者: 田中, 貞二
坂上, 実
大沢, 胖
吉沢, 静代
著者(別言語): Tanaka, Teiji
Sakaue, Minoru
Osawa, Yutaka
Yoshizawa, Shizuyo
発行日: 1981年3月31日
出版者: 東京大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京大学地震研究所彙報. 第55冊第4号, 1981.3.31, pp. 1043-1064
抄録: A shallow earthquake with magnitude 6.7 (the 1980 Izu-Hanto-Toho-Oki earthquake) occurred on June 29, 1980 off the east coast of the Izu Peninsula where activity of earthquake swarm was very high. At that time a maximum acceleration of 0.36 g was recorded at Kawana, about 12 km west of the epicenter, while smaller amplitude accelerograph records were obtained at more than 50 other strong-motion stations operated by various organizations in the Izu Peninsula and the surrounding areas.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/12784
ISSN: 00408972


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