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タイトル: 200年野島断層注水試験に伴う微小地震活動の観測
その他のタイトル: Microseismic observations during a water injection experiment in 2000 at the Nojima Fault, Japan
著者: 永井, 悟
加納, 靖之
田所, 敬一
水野, 高志
山中, 寛志
大見, 士朗
西上, 欽也
平松, 良浩
平田, 直
著者(別言語): Nagai, Satoru
Kano, Yasuyuki
Tadokoro, Keiichi
Mizuno, Takashi
Yamanaka, Hiroshi
Ohmi, Shiro
Nishigami, Kin'ya
Hiramatsu, Yoshihiro
Hirata, Naoshi
キーワード: Nojima fault
water injection experiment
borehole seismometers
seismic network
発行日: 2001年9月25日
出版者: 東京大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京大学地震研究所彙報. 第76冊第2号, 2001.9.25, pp. 163-186
抄録: After the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake, a scientific drilling program called the Nojima Fault Zone Probe was carried out on the Nojima fault which ruptured during the 1995 earthquake. In 1997, a water injection experiment was carried as part of the program. A second water injection experiment was conducted from January to March 2000 (1/11: failed, 1/22-26: 3MPa, 1/31-2/5: 4MPa, 3/3-3/11: 4.5 MPa). We monitored changes of earthquake activity before and after the water injections. We deployed a temporary seismic network around the water injection site consisting of four telemetered seismic stations, six borehole seismometers, and five off-line seismographs. The 800-m-deep borehole seismometer detected 711 events with an S-P time of less than 1.0 s from December 1, 1999 to May 18, 2000. Clustered seismicity occurred several times during the period. Among the detected microearthquakes, 329 events were located with locational errors of less than 1 km. Most of these are distributed in three regions at depths of less than 5 km.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/13214
ISSN: 00408972


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