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タイトル: 岩手山における人工地震探査 : 観測および初動の読み取り
その他のタイトル: Seismic exploration at Iwate volcano with active sources : The outline of the experiment and the first arrival time data
著者: 田中, 聡
浜口, 博之
山脇, 輝夫
西村, 大志
植木, 貞人
中道, 治久
宮町, 宏樹
筒井, 智樹
松尾, のり道
及川, 純
大湊, 隆雄
宮岡, 一樹
鬼澤, 真也
森, 健彦
相澤, 幸司
中原, 恒
堀, 修一郎
佐藤, 俊也
河野, 俊夫
仁田, 交市
立花, 憲司
鍵山, 恒臣
萩原, 道徳
長田, 昇
井本, 良子
辻, 浩
岡田, 弘
前川, 徳光
鈴木, 敦生
著者(別言語): Tanaka, S
Hamaguchi, H.
Yamawaki, T
Nishimura, T.
Ueki, S.
Nakamichi, H.
Miyamachi, H.
Tsutsui, T.
Matsuwo, N.
Oikawa, J.
Ohminato, T.
Miyaoka, K.
Onizawa, S.
Mori, T.
Aizawa, K.
Nakahara, H.
Hori, S.
Sato, T.
Kono, T.
キーワード: Iwate volcano
Seismic exploration
Seismic velocity structure of volcano
National Project for Prediction of Volcanic Eruptions
発行日: 2002年7月30日
出版者: 東京大学地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 東京大学地震研究所彙報. 第77冊第1号, 2002.7.30, pp. 1-25
抄録: Seismic exploration at Iwate volcano in northeastern Japan was conducted by a group of researchers from 11 national universities in Japan, National Institute of Polar Research, and Japan Meteorological Agency in October 2000. This exploration is the seventh joint experiment to reveal the seismic structures of volcanoes under the 6th National Project for Prediction of Volcanic Eruptions. We deployed 330 temporal seismic stations, each equipped with a short-period seismometer and a compact data-logger with a GPS clock, on and around the volcano. Nine artificial sources using dynamite with charge sizes of 200 or 250 kg were set within a distance of 20 km from the summit of the volcano and they were successfully fired. We carefully picked the first motion from the seismograms recorded at both the temporal seismic stations and permanent stations of Tohoku University, JMA and NIED around the volcano to obtain 2,676 travel times. This paper summarizes the exploration and presents a basic data set including shot information and arrival times of the first motion.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/13238
ISSN: 00408972


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