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2015年3月24日Ab initio studies on superconductivity in alkali-doped fullerides野村, 悠祐; Nomura, Yusuke
2014年3月24日Charge and heat transport phenomena in electronic and spin structures in B20-type compounds金澤, 直也; Kanazawa, Naoya
2014年3月24日Coherent Control and Phase Measurement in Electron Quantum Interferometer高田, 真太郎; TAKADA, SHINTARO
2015年3月24日Coordinated Catalysis and Walking Mechanism of Molecular Motor Kinesin新谷, 大和; Niitani, Yamato
2014年3月24日Detection of Angular Momentum Transfer from a Single Photon to a Single Electron Spin in a Lateral Double Quantum Dot藤田, 高史; Fujita, Takafumi
2014年3月24日Electronic Structure and Dynamics of Molecules on Oxide Surfaces武安, 光太郎; Takeyasu, Kotaro
2015年3月24日Experimental investigation of spin qubits in Si/SiGe double quantum dot武田, 健太; Takeda, Kenta
2014年3月24日High-speed electrical gating of single electron spin qubits with semiconductor quantum dots米田, 淳; YONEDA, JUN
2014年3月24日Investigation of hydrogen transport phenomena and catalytic olefin hydrogenation reactions at palladium surfaces大野, 哲; Ohno, Satoshi
2014年9月26日Magnetoelectric responses in magnetic insulators without inversion symmetry車地, 崇; Kurumaji, Takashi
2015年3月24日Molecular Dynamics Study of Hamiltonian Mean Field Model Utilizing Processor with Many Cores青木, 尚登; Aoki, Naoto
2014年3月24日NMR Study of Electronic States in the Multi-Orbital Organic Conductor M(tmdt)2高木, 里奈; Takagi, Rina
2015年3月24日Numerical Studies on Quantum Phases Emergent from Interplay of Spin-Orbit Interactions and Strong Electron Correlations栗田, 萌; Kurita, Moyuru
2014年3月24日Numerical Study of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems with Geometrical Frustration金子, 隆威; Kaneko, Ryui
1999年3月29日Pairing Picture of Quantum Hall LiquidsMorinari, Takao; 森成, 隆夫
2014年3月24日Particle-irradiation effects on pairing and vortex states in iron-based superconductors田縁, 俊光; TAEN, TOSHIHIRO
2013年9月27日Pseudo-gap and quantum criticality in the vicinity of Mott transition in the quasi-two-dimensional organic conductors, κ-(ET)2X古川, 哲也; Furukawa, Tetsuya
2014年3月24日Quantitative Calculation of Superconducting Transition Temperatures by Density Functional Theory : Method Development and Its Applications明石, 遼介; AKASHI, RYOSUKE
2014年3月24日Quantum Monte Carlo approach to the quantum phase transition in low-dimensional antiferromagnets in terms of the Berry phase本山, 裕一; Motoyama, Yuichi
2015年3月12日Spin-dependent electron transport in a quantum dot coupled to quantum Hall edge states木山, 治樹; Kiyama, Haruki
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 67
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