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2009年2月20日2-spheres of square -1 and the geography of genus-2 Lefschetz fibrationsSato, Yoshihisa
1984年3月31日A $2$-local geometry for the Fischer group $F\sb{24}$Kitazume, Masaaki
1997年A Base Point Free Theorem of Reid TypeFukuda, Shigetaka
1994年A bifurcation of multiple eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for boundary value problems in a domain with a small holeTri, Nguyen Minh
2003年A Blow-up Problem Related to the Euler Equations of Incompressible Inviscid Fluid MotionChen, Xinfu; Okamoto, Hisashi
1996年A Brooks Type Integral with Respect to a Set-Valued MeasurePrecupanu, Anca-Maria
2014年3月24日A cellular approach to the Hecke-Clifford superalgebra森, 真樹; MORI, Masaki
1982年A Characterization and the Structure of Operators with Maharam PropertyMiyajima, Shizuo
1970年3月31日A characterization of Janko's two new simple groupsGorenstein, Daniel; Harada, Koichiro
1975年3月25日A characterization of odd order extensions of the Ree groups ${}^2F_4(q)$Shinoda, Ken-Ichi; Iwahori, N.
2004年3月22日A characterization of tempered distributions with support in a cone by the heat kernel method and its applicationsSuwa, Masanori
1976年A Class of Solutions of Bogolioubov System of Equations for Classical Statistical Mechanics of Hard Core ParticlesTakahashi, Yoichiro
1977年12月24日A classification of some even dimensional fibered knotsKojima, Sadayoshi; Tamura, I.
2008年10月16日A Cohen type inequality for polynomial expansions associated with the measure (1-χ)α(1+χ)βdχ+Mδ-1+Nδ1Fejzullahu; Bujar Xh
1974年12月14日A coincidence theorem for involutions on mod 2 homology spheresKato, Akira; Hattori, A.
1996年A Compact Imbedding of Semisimple Symmetric SpacesShimeno, Nobukazu
2014年3月24日A construction of a universal finite type invariant of homology 3-spheres清水, 達郎; Shimizu, Tatsuro
2010年3月25日A construction of pure solutions for degenerate hyperbolic operatorsChiba, Yasuo
1995年A construction of the fundamental solution for Schrödinger equationsKumano-go, Naoto
1989年A construction of the perturbed solution of semilinear elliptic equation in the singularly perturbed domainJimbo, Shuichi
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 1304
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