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タイトル: Building Corporate Strategies in Kazakhstan : Local Meets Multinational(Part I : Globalization and the Transformation of Governance,)
著者: Eitzen, Hilda
発行日: 2003年12月26日
出版者: 東京大学社会科学研究所
掲載誌情報: 社會科學研究. 第55巻 第1号, 2003.12, pp. 127-150
抄録: This article conducts an interesting case-study of an investment introduction/investment diversification strategy by a former socialist country, Kazakhstan, based on an in-depth field research. By creating an open door policy for varied types of foreign investment, Kazakhstan hopes to guard itself against the boom-and-burst cycles of a single sector -petroleum- that have been common to many third world countries. However, while Kazakh government advocates competition among foreign investors to diversify investment, it is far less eager to diversify such competitive options once they are internalized on the home front. Its future as a level playing field for both domestic and foreign investors is, therefore, open to question.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/15381
ISSN: 03873307


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