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タイトル: 2007年能登半島地震の海底地殻変動
著者: 吉田, 進
野口, 猛雄
長, 貴浩
島崎, 裕行
木場, 正信
佐藤, 比呂志
著者(別言語): Yoshida, Susumu
Noguchi, Takeo
Cho, Takahiro
Shimazaki, Masanori
Koba, Masanobu
Sato, Hiroshi
キーワード: the 2007 Noto Hanto Earthquake
offshore crustal movement
echo sounding
sonic prospecting
recurrence interval
発行日: 2007年
出版者: 地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 地震研究所彙報. 第82号第4冊, 2007, pp. 333-344
抄録: The 2007 Noto Hanto earthquake produced flexure along the known active fault in the offshore focal area. To reveal the amount of vertical crustal movement, echo sounding and sonic prospecting were carried out just after the earthquake. The new observations were carefully compared to the previous data acquired in 1985 and 2006 and co-seismic vertical crustal movement was obtained along several tracks. The upheaval zone was observed along the hanging wall of the active fault at 1-3km. A 2m maximum upheaval was found in the northeastern part of the fault trace. Together with the source fault geometry obtained by the seismic reflection profiling and aftershock distribution, the slip distribution on the fault plane obtained by two-dimension section was calculated us-ing the vertical displacement in the focal area, suggesting that a larger slip was estimated in the shallower part of the fault surface. Based on the vertical displacement of the erosion surface formed at the last glacial age and the newly obtained co-seismic displacement of the 2007 earthquake, the average recurrence interval is estimated to be 1700 (1300-2000) years.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/15601
ISSN: 00408992


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