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タイトル: Appendix(On the Modulus of Rigidity of Rocks)
著者: Kusakabe, S.
発行日: 1903年6月17日
出版者: 震災豫防調査會
掲載誌情報: Publications of the Earthquake Investigation Committe in foreign language. Vol.14, 1903.6, pp. 52-73
抄録: From what has been above discussed, it may be safely said that, of several waves, one whose amplitude is smaller has necessarily greater velocity than the ther, in so far as the inediunl through which the elastic wave propagates is liable to elastic yielding. When the yielding predominates, the velocity may become two or three times smaller as the amplitude becomes some ten times greater. Also when the medium is in the strained state, e. g. along mountainchain, the velocity is much greater than in ordinary case. The latter variation, however, is much smaller than the former. Lastly, it must be remarked that the elastic yielding is never an only cause which gives rise to torsional by steresis. Complete expression for hysteresis must contain, at least, one more term which is independent of time. For illustration of this last statement, magnetic hysteresis gives best example, in which magnetic yielding is negligibly small. In magnetic hysteresis, indeed, the predominating term is wholly independent of time. Such term as above, also, would possibly exist in torsional hysteresis. If this term could be known and taken into account, then it would lead to a satisfactory explanation for the wide difference between the velocities of the tremors and of the principal shocks. If this is not wholly out of conception, then it would be more natural than to assume two different paths for the two kinds of seismic waves. At the epicentre, the tremors may last only for a short time, but the duration will be lengthened propor?tionally as the distance increases. The disturbance of smallest amplitude will first make its appearance as the beginning of the preliminary tremor, followed by waves of greater amplitudes in succession. Other disturbances propagating through different strata would probably make their appearance intermixed with the former, giving somewhat irregular record on the seismograph. Complete description of the nature of elastic hysteresis requires further investigation. In conclusion, I wish to express my great indebtedness to Mr. Fukuchi for valuable information concerning the geological and petrological character of rocks examined in the present experiment. My best thanks are due to Professor H. Nagaoka and also to Professor A. Tanakadate, without whose valuable advice and most kind guidance I could scarecely have succeeded in carrying out this experiment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/16414
出現カテゴリ:Publications of the Earthquake Investigation Committe in foreign language
Publications of the Earthquake Investigation Committe in foreign language


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