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2009年2月20日2-spheres of square -1 and the geography of genus-2 Lefschetz fibrationsSato, Yoshihisa
1997年A Base Point Free Theorem of Reid TypeFukuda, Shigetaka
1994年A bifurcation of multiple eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for boundary value problems in a domain with a small holeTri, Nguyen Minh
2003年A Blow-up Problem Related to the Euler Equations of Incompressible Inviscid Fluid MotionChen, Xinfu; Okamoto, Hisashi
1996年A Brooks Type Integral with Respect to a Set-Valued MeasurePrecupanu, Anca-Maria
2004年3月22日A characterization of tempered distributions with support in a cone by the heat kernel method and its applicationsSuwa, Masanori
2008年10月16日A Cohen type inequality for polynomial expansions associated with the measure (1-χ)α(1+χ)βdχ+Mδ-1+Nδ1Fejzullahu; Bujar Xh
1996年A Compact Imbedding of Semisimple Symmetric SpacesShimeno, Nobukazu
2010年3月25日A construction of pure solutions for degenerate hyperbolic operatorsChiba, Yasuo
1995年A construction of the fundamental solution for Schrödinger equationsKumano-go, Naoto
1995年A duality for finite $t$-modulesTaguchi, Yuichiro
2001年A Filtering Model on Default RiskNakagawa, Hidetoshi
1995年A general functional characterization of the microlocal singularitiesBastin, F.
2011年3月29日A Generalization of the Artin-Tate Formula for FourfoldsKohmoto, Daichi
2010年10月26日A Generalized Cartan Decomposition for the Double Coset Space SU(2n+1)\SL(2n+1, C)/Sp(n, C)Sasaki, Atsumu
2013年11月20日A Generalized Hypergeometric SystemOchiai, Hiroyuki; Zunderiya, Uuganbayar
1996年A Hamiltonian Path Integral for a Degenerate Parabolic Pseudo-Differential OperatorKumano-go, Naoto
2000年A Limit Formula for a Class of Gibbs Measures with Long Range Pair InteractionsChiyonobu, Taizo
2005年7月6日A limit theorem for solutions of some functional stochastic difference equationsKato, Takashi
2000年A Limit Theorem for Weyl Transformation in Infinite-Dimensional Torus and Central Limit Theorem for Correlated Multiple Wiener IntegralsSugita, Hiroshi
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 438
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