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タイトル: 冒襄『影梅庵憶語』訳注 (1)
その他のタイトル: An Annotated Translation of Mao Xiang's Reminiscences of the Convent of Shadowy Plum-blossoms (Part One)
著者: 大木, 康
著者(別言語): Oki, Yasushi
キーワード: 影梅庵憶語
発行日: 1998年12月
出版者: 東京大学東洋文化研究所
掲載誌情報: 東洋文化研究所紀要. 136冊, 1998-12, p. 49-88
抄録: Mao Xiang recorded his memories of his concubine Dong Xiao-wan, who died an early death.The translation published in this issue presents the first third of his account, to the time Dong Xiao-wan succeeded in marrying into Mao's family.Dong Xiao-wan was a courtesan in the Qinhuai district of the southern capital, Nanjing.Mao first learned of her reputation from his literary friend Fang Yi-zhi, and repeatedly tried to visit her without success.At last he caught a glimpse of her.Mao was associated with another famous courtesan Chen Yuan-yuan, and he was heartbroken when she was taken to Beijing by a maternal relative of the Emperor.When Mao was able to see Dong Xiao-wan, she expressed her willingness to marry him.He hoped to redeem her from her bondage as a singing girl, and then learned it would be difficult to buy her out because she had fallen into debt in Suzhou.It was the prominent literary figure Qian Qian-yi who helped to redeem her and sent her to Ru-gao, Mao's hometown.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/2050
ISSN: 05638089


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