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1982年A Characterization and the Structure of Operators with Maharam PropertyMiyajima, Shizuo
1976年A Class of Solutions of Bogolioubov System of Equations for Classical Statistical Mechanics of Hard Core ParticlesTakahashi, Yoichiro
1980年A Formula for Topological Entropy of One-dimensional DynamicsTakahashi, Yoichiro
1980年A Fusion Theoretical Approach to Groups of Type PSL$F_3$(2$F^n$) and PSp$F_4$(2$F^n$)Gomi, Kensaku
1990年A Generalization of Carlitz's DeterminantFujisaki, Genjiro
1992年A Mixed Finite Element Method for 3-D Analysis of Cavity ResonatorsKikuchi, Fumio; Hara, Masahiro; Wada, Takeshi
1983年A note on the $K(\pi, \ , 1)$ property of the orbit space of the unitary reflection group $G(m,\,I,\,n)$Nakamura, Tokushi
1958年A Proof of Tannaka Duality TheoremIwahori, Nobuko
1987年A Pushing up Theorem for Groups of Characteristic 2 TypeGomi, Kensaku
1986年A Relation between the Modified Wave Operators $W^{\pm}_J$ and $W^{\pm}_D$Kitada, Hitoshi
1985年A Remark on the Stability Condition for the Raviart-Thomas Mixed Finite ElementsKikuchi, Fumio
1967年A Theorem on a Multiplication Operator in Certain Function SpacesTsujioka, Kunio|Miyamoto, Munemi
1988年A Topological Characterization of Hyperfunctions with Real Analytic ParametersKaneko, Akira
1989年Admissible Controllability for Linear Time-delay Systems in Banach Spaces : A problem in game theoryPark, Jong Yeoul; Nakagiri, Shin-Ichi; Yamamoto, Masahiro
1958年An Extension of Tannaka Duality Theorem for Homogeneous SpacesIwahori, Nagayoshi|Iwahori, Nobuko
1986年An Imbedding Theorem for a Hilbert Space Appearing in ElectromagneticsKaizu, Satoshi; Kikuchi, Fumio
1976年Analyticity of Minimal Dimensional Singularity of Real Analytic SolutionsKaneko, Akira
1973年Automorphisms of a Finite Group and Their Fixed PointsKondo, Takeshi
1986年Bifurcation and Stability of Periodic Orbits of Nonlinear Evolution EquationsItoh, Tatsuo
1981年Category Theory not based upon Set TheoryTsukada, Haruo
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