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1991年3月29日A Study on the Tetrathio-TTF Compounds Unsymmetrically Substituted with Normal Alkyl GroupsOtsuka, Akihiro; 大塚, 晃弘
2015年3月24日Applications of aminoacylation ribozymes that recognize the 3'-end of tRNA via two consecutive base pairs寺坂, 尚紘; TERASAKA, NAOHIRO
1997年9月30日Asymmetric/Anisotropic Structures of Active Mo and Pt Sites on Metal-Oxide Single Crystal Surfaces by Means of Polarization-Dependent Total-Reflection Fluorescene XAFSChun, Wang-Jae; 田, 旺帝
2014年3月24日Bioluminescence Analysis and Optical Control of Phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5)-Triphosphate on the Cell Membrane楊, 霊芝; YANG, Lingzhi
2014年3月24日Carrier-envelope-phase dependence of asymmetric C-D bond breaking in C2D2 by few-cycle laser pulses三浦, 瞬; Miura, Shun
2015年3月24日Cation Ordering and Electrical Properties of Double Perovskite Molybdate Thin Films重松, 圭; Shigematsu, Kei
2015年3月24日Chiral Metal Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalysts that Surpass Homogeneous Catalysts for Asymmetric C-C Bond Forming Reactions安川, 知宏; YASUKAWA, Tomohiro
2015年3月24日Construction and Control of Hierarchical Systems at the Interfaces on Functionalized Carbon ClustersGorgoll, Ricardo-Mizoguchi; ゴルゴル, リカルド ミゾグチ
2015年3月24日Coupled proton-electron transfer in excited states of X-MnOH2 : A nonadiabatic electron wavepacket study山本, 憲太郎; Yamamoto, Kentaro
2015年3月24日Creation of Functional π-Conjugated Systems : Tetraceneimide Disulfide Metal Complexes and Fluorenylideneacridane鈴木, 毅; Suzuki, Tsuyoshi
1994年3月29日Design and Catalysis of the Attached Nb dimer CatalystsIchikuni, Nobuyuki; 一國, 伸之
2015年3月24日Determination of subnanomolar zinc and its speciation in seawater with improved clean sampling and analytical method金, 泰辰; Kim, Taejin
2014年3月24日Development and applications of thioether-macrocyclic peptides targeting c-Met-HGF signaling pathway伊藤, 健一郎; Ito, Kenichiro
2014年3月24日Development of a Time-Resolved Method and Electric Quadrupolar Theory for Heterodyne-Detected Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation at Air/Liquid Interfaces松﨑, 維信; Matsuzaki, Korenobu
2015年3月24日Development of cyclic peptide scaffolds against large undruggable transmembrane proteinsBashiruddin, Nasir-Kato; バシルディン, ナセル 加藤
2014年3月24日Development of high electric field effect devices by using ultrathin oxide nanosheet小川, 大輔; Ogawa, Daisuke
2014年3月24日Development of Novel Carbon : carbon Bond Forming Reactions Utilizing Fluorene Structure松本, 正俊; Matsumoto, Masatoshi
2015年3月24日Development of Real-time Monitoring Method for Heterogeneous Reactions Using DART-MS増田, 光一郎; MASUDA, Koichiro
2015年3月24日Electrochemical Syntheses of Redox Complex Networks and Ultra-long Wires Covalently Bound to Carbon吳, 國暉; Wu, Kuo-Hui
1995年3月29日Electronic Structures of Cluster Anions Studied by Photoelectron SpectroscopyYoshida, Hiroyuki; 吉田, 弘幸
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