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タイトル: コミンテルンにおける「民族統一戦線」の構想と展開
その他のタイトル: The Communist International and "anti-imperialistic united front"
著者: 小杉, 修二
著者(別言語): Kosugi, Shūji
キーワード: 中国革命
発行日: 1980年2月
出版者: 東京大学東洋文化研究所
掲載誌情報: 東洋文化研究所紀要. 80冊, 1980-02, p. 195-266
抄録: This paper refers to the concept and practice of anti-imperialistic united front in the Comintern documents, particularlly concerning the one in the Chinese revolution in 1920s.The essential problem, I think, is whether or not, the concept of anti-imperialistic united front was build up directly from I. V. Lenin's famaous thesis on national-colonial question at the second Comintern congress in 1920.I dare say that the concept and practice of anti-imperialistic united front is not depend upon that thesis so tightly that we have hitherto thought.When Lenin proposed that thesis, he presumed that the so-cialist countries, born from among the revolutionary crisis in the Europe in early 1920s, would give aid (political, economical, military and ete.) to the people struggling for their national liberation in the East.National liberation movement in the East would help socialist revolution in the West.And the socialistic West would offer sufficient aid to the soviet powers in Eastern countries for their non-capitalistic development.So Comintern instructed severe separation between the nationalist elements and the worker-peasant elements that had been very weak.But the consumption was lost in mid 1920s.The hope of socialistic Europe was taken place by real imperialistic one.It surrounded the Soviet Russia and the national liberation movement in the East.The composition of the global revolution changed.So the fourth Comintern congress demanded workers' united front in the West and anti-imperialistic united front in the East for gradual approach fo the revolution.In this way the future of the national liberation in the East was depend upon the fate of global vevolution movement.Comintern presupposed it as the set up of soviet powers or as the foun dation of democratic republics according to the degree of the global and domestic revolutionary, movement.So the form of the united front would vary in accordance with it.That is to say that it can't be fixed previously in one form, for example described in the thesis of the second Comintern congress.This paper also refers the point of view of I. Stalin, L. Trotsky and M. N. Roy on this issue.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/2200
ISSN: 05638089


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