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2007年3月22日A numerical study of the cloud microphysical properties in the East China Sea region by a bin-type cloud resolving modelIguchi, Takamichi; 井口, 享道
2012年3月22日A numerical study on the microphysical properties of warm clouds off the west coast of CaliforniaSato, Yousuke; 佐藤, 陽祐
1998年3月30日A study of aerosol properties on global scale using satellite remote sensing日暮, 明子; ヒグラシ, アキコ
2014年4月21日A study of climatology and intraseasonal-to-interannual variability of atmospheric gravity waves in the stratosphere based on high-resolution satellite data土屋, 主税; TSUCHIYA, Chikara
2015年3月24日A Study on Ningaloo Niño片岡, 崇人; KATAOKA, TAKAHITO
2015年3月24日Accurate muographic imaging of volcanoes by background noise reduction with nuclear emulsions西山, 竜一; Nishiyama, Ryuichi
2015年3月24日An evaluation of the direct aerosol radiative forcing from satellite remote sensing and climate modeling及川, 栄治; Oikawa, Eiji
2014年9月16日An improvement of a single-moment bulk microphysics scheme for mesoscale convective systems using a satellite simulator盧, 盂燮; Roh, Woosub
2014年3月24日Atmospheric evolution in the Precambrian : Constraints from water-rock-atmosphere interactions菅崎, 良貴; Kanzaki, Yoshiki
1996年3月29日Boundary Integral Eqnations for the Time-Domain and Time-Independent Analyses of 2D non-Planar CracksTada, Taku; 多田, 卓
2014年3月24日Bulk composition of the Moon constrained by the conditions of anorthosite crust formation酒井, 理紗; SAKAI, RISA
1999年3月29日Classical Ocean General Circulation Theory Revisited Using Layer Models阪本, 敏浩
2014年1月31日Coronal upflows from edges of an active region observed with EUV Imaging Spectrometer onboard Hinode北川, 直優; KITAGAWA, NAOMASA
2015年3月24日Deep Long-Period Earthquakes beneath Volcanoes : Mechanism Analyses and Cooling Magma Model麻生, 尚文; ASO, Naofumi
1997年3月28日Determination of Constitutive Relations of Fault Slip Based on Seismic Wave AnalysisIde, Satoshi; 井出, 哲
2014年3月24日Development of an in-situ K-Ar isochron dating method for landers on the Moon and Mars長, 勇一郎; Cho, Yuichiro
2014年9月26日Development of remote sensing algorithm for atmospheric aerosol properties by multi-wavelength multi-pixel method橋本, 真喜子; Hashimoto, Makiko
2014年3月24日Developmental Mechanisms and Evolution of Shell Formation in Mollusca清水, 啓介; SHIMIZU, KEISUKE
2014年3月24日Dynamical understanding of variabilities of polar stratospheric and upper tropospheric clouds髙麗, 正史; Kohma, Masashi
2015年3月24日Evolution of shell microstructure in Protobranchia (Mollusca: Bivalvia)佐藤, 圭; Sato, Kei
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