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タイトル: 長春眞人とその西遊
その他のタイトル: Chang-ch'un Chen Jen and his Western Circuit
著者: 窪, 徳忠
著者(別言語): Kubo, Noritada
キーワード: 全真教
発行日: 1963年1月
出版者: 東京大学東洋文化研究所
掲載誌情報: 東洋文化研究所紀要. 29冊, 1963-01, p. 21-76
抄録: It is well-known that a Taoist-group called Ch‘uan Chen Chiao (全眞敎) was formed in the North-China province in the Chin Dynasty.This Ch‘uan Chen Chiao had grown remarkable, because Chi‘u Chang-ch‘un (丘長春), one of the greatest disciples of that group's founder, was invited by and given high favour by Chingis Khan who at that time had been waging war in Central Asia.The journey, which Chang-ch‘un extended up to the camp of Chingis Khan, is popularly called the Western Circuit.There has been already one or two kinds of interpretation for the reason why Chang-ch‘un made the Circuit far away to Central Asia.But, these opinions are not acceptable to me because they did not give any attention to the relation between Ch‘uan Chen Chiao's doctrine and his journey.According to Ch‘uan Chen Chiao, a Taoist's training method was divided into two parts, i. e., one's own internal salvation-work and other's external salvation-work.The Chinese people had suffered much from a series of wars in those days.It is quite natural that the work of saving a suffering people should have constituted one of the important external training activities imposed on Taoist.We may say that Chang-ch‘un had initiated his Circuit so as to grasp an opportunity for external training.It, however, became clear, according to his own travelling-tale as well as the biographies written by Chang-ch‘un's disciples, that Chang-ch‘un made such an extensive trip duc to the advice given by his students in order to greatly propagate Ch‘uan Chen Chiao in the future.To develop a group was also one of the Taoist's external training tasks.Therefore, the motive as well as the purpose of conducting a Circuit was the practice of doctrine as a typical Ch‘uan Chen Taoist.In the long run, Chang-ch‘un's Western Circuit was completely successful and Chang-ch‘un was able to establish a strong foundation for the growing Ch‘uan Chen Group in yuan Dynasty.Therefore, we must say that the role played by Chi‘u Chang-ch‘un was literally tremendous for the growth of Ch‘uan Chen Chiao in its early stage.The rapid development of Ch‘uan Chen Chiao became fuel for controversy with Buddhism later on.So, Chang-ch‘un's Western Circuit had brought an unexpected influence into this ideological conflict.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/2250
ISSN: 05638089


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