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タイトル: ジャワにおける水稲生産の地域構造 : 1920年と1977年の生産統計比較
その他のタイトル: Regional Structure of Javanese Rice Agriculture : A comparative analysis of production statistics of 1920 and 1977
著者: 加納, 啓良
著者(別言語): Kano, HIroyoshi
キーワード: ジャワ
発行日: 1981年11月
出版者: 東京大学東洋文化研究所
掲載誌情報: 東洋文化研究所紀要. 87冊, 1981-11, p. 171-247
抄録: This study attempts a comparative regional analysis of the Javanese rice agriculture based on data in Landbouwatlas van Java en Madoera, 1926 and Produksi Tanaman Bahan Makanan di Jawa dan Madura, 1979. Comparing two sets of these cross-section data which show the conditions of rice production in 1920 and 1977, we find out four major rice producing areas in Java which have different statistical characteristics and are supposed to have different changing patterns as follows: 1. The north coast areas of West Java near to Jakarta and Bandung with rather low population density and high production per capita; although the population density of these areas increased largely in the past half century, the expansion rate of rice planted area exceeded the population growth rate. 2. The south-east corner of Central Java which covers the two old principalities of Jogjakarta and Surakarta; these areas have high population density and high ratio of rice planted area. The center of rice supplying zone of these areas moved from the western part to the eastern part of them. 3. The downstream areas of Brantas River in East Java, especially delta area at the mouth of the river near to Surabaya; they have high population density, high ratio of rice planted area and also high production per hectare. However, because of the little increase of the ratio of rice planted area, the capacity of rice supply of these areas lowered in the last half century. 4. The “East Hook” areas of East Java, with low population density and low ratio of rice planted area but very high production per hectare; in spite of the rather big population increase in these areas, the expansion rate of rice planted area exceeded the population growth rate, so their capacity of rice supply is still rather big.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/2300
ISSN: 5638089


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