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タイトル: イスラエルの「実像」の発見と政策転換 : ジョンソン政権の対イスラエル兵器売却政策1963年-1966年
その他のタイトル: Dealling with Precarious Democracy : Arms Sales to Israel in the Johanson Years, 1963-1966
著者: 小浜, 祥子
著者(別言語): Kohama, Shoko
発行日: 2007年3月
出版者: 東京大学大学院総合文化研究科附属アメリカ太平洋地域研究センター
掲載誌情報: アメリカ太平洋研究. vol.7, March-2007, pp. 141-158
抄録: This paper aims to demystify the United States'decision to abandon its long-standing polisy of not being primary arms supplier to the Middle East through a case-study analysis of "offensive" arms sales to Israel under the Johnson administration, particularyly the years 1963 1966.//I argue that this policy shift was the result of US policymakers'determination : mindful of both the weakness of the relatively moderate pro-US government and generally volatile nature of Israeli domestic politics : that arms sales to Jordan were increasing the possibility of an Israeli preemptive attack. In other words, out of fear that the moderate pro-US best to sell arms to Israel.//This analysis hopes to offer a new perspective on policies toward Israel in the LBJ era, which to this day remains a highly debated period of US diplomatiac history. Based on my research, it is clear that past examinations of the US policy during the LBJ years have failed to realize the increased importance attributed to Israel's domestic politics. Additionally, it is my contention that this shift led to a concomitant reduction in the US influence vis-a-vis Israel, as the precariousness of domestic politics enhanced the Israeli government's bargining power.//Thus, it can be said that LBJ-era policy vis-a-vis Israel was based on an entirely different set of perceptions from those used under either Eisenhower or Kennedy, and in fact, any pro-Israel policy slant was greatly due to the Johanson administration's desire to avoid an Israel pre-emptive strike and the outburst of Arab-Israeli conflict.
内容記述: 研究ノート
Research Note
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/23604
ISSN: 13462989


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