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1995年3月29日Adaptation of mothers in urban area of Japan : A follow-up study from gestation to 3 month postnatal吉永, 真理
2015年3月24日Assessment of work engagement, workaholism, and recovery experience, and their role in well-being among hospital nurses in NepalBimala, Panthee; ビマーラ, パンティ
2015年3月24日Associations between intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy, mother-to-infant bonding failure, and postnatal depressive symptomsキタ, 幸子; Kita, Sachiko
2013年4月24日Decay of impact after a health-education program for people with chronic diseases : preparing for reinforcement by analysis of prevalence,magnitude, timing, and predictors of decay朴, 敏廷; Park, MJ
2014年3月24日Development of biomarkers for the Wound Fluid RT-PCR method to detect critically colonized and infected wounds浅田, 真弓; Asada, Mayumi
2014年3月5日Effects of adherence therapy by psychiatric nurses for people with schizophrenia in Japan : A randomized controlled trial稲垣, 晃子; Inagaki, Akiko
1999年3月29日Effects of Job Stress on Mental Health and Accidents in Hospital Nurses三木, 明子
2015年3月24日Factors influencing exclusive breastfeeding in early infancy : a prospective study in North Central NigeriaBalogun, Olukunmi Omobolanle; バログン, オルクミ オモボラレ
2009年3月23日Family Support in Assertive Community Treatment : To support family members who care for clients or to support clients instead of family members園, 環樹
2002年3月29日Intervention Study for Promoting Partnership between Self-Help Groups and Professionals : Group-Randomized Trial for Groups of Families with the Mentally IllKageyama, Masako; 蔭山, 正子
2015年2月18日Longitudinal effects of work-family spillover on psychological distress among Japanese dual-earner couples with preschool children : Dyadic data analysis using multilevel models瀬戸(島田), 恭子; SETO(SHIMADA), Kyoko
2013年3月25日Marital Violence and Access to Health Care : How Does Socioeconomic Status Affect the Association?梅田, 麻希
2014年3月24日Nutritional epidemiological study on dietary total antioxidant capacity among Japanese populations児林, 聡美; Kobayashi, Satomi
2015年3月24日Performance Comparison of Probabilistic Linkage and Deterministic Linkage : A Simulation Study and a Real-Life Example of Linking Registry to Medical Insurance DatabaseZHU, YING; シュ, イン
2015年3月24日Psychosocial factors on traumatic stress symptoms due to childbirth among Japanese primiparas and multiparas : a longitudinal study竹形, みずき; TAKEGATA, MIZUKI
2011年3月24日Study of Parental Difficulties in Families With Hikikomori Syndrome Children (Social Withdrawal)Funakoshi, Akiko; 船越, 明子
2013年3月25日The reliability and validity of three Internet addiction instruments in the Japanese populationYong, Kim-Fong, Roseline; ヨン, キム フォン, ロザリン
2015年3月24日がん拠点病院を含む一般病棟に入院中の終末期消化器がん患者の家族介護者における、ケアの満足度とQuality of Lifeに関する研究森下, 美紀; Morishita, Miki
1998年6月24日「てんかんであること」への対処パタ-ンが主観的ウェルビ-イングに及ぼす影響に関する研究伊藤, 美樹子
2014年4月23日オントロジーに基づく腰痛に対する東洋医学診断システムの構築方法に関する研究馬, 娟; MA JUAN
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