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2015年3月24日Analyses of the changes in stomatal and mesophyll CO2 diffusion conductances in response to the atmospheric CO2 concentration or soil water content溝上, 祐介; Mizokami, Yusuke
2009年3月23日Analysis of a novel nuclear envelope protein, Nemp1, in early Xenopus eye developmentMamada, Hiroshi; 儘田, 博志
2014年3月24日Analysis of high-temperature sensitive neural activity in the brains of Japanese honeybee workers during the formation of a 'hot defensive bee ball'using immediate early genes宇賀神, 篤; Ugajin, Atsushi
2014年11月17日Analysis of otolith formation using the medaka mutant ha北條, 幹; HOJO, MOTOKI
2014年3月24日Analysis on developmental mechanisms for morphogenesis of the vertebrate dorsal trunk using the medaka mutant Double anal fin河西, 通; Kawanishi, Toru
2015年3月24日Basic research for photosynthetic production of isoprenoids in cyanobacteria清田, 浩史; KIYOTA, Hiroshi
2015年3月24日Bone dynamics changes in modeling mice replaced by Xenopus Brn-1/Pou3f3五十嵐, 惇; Igarashi, Atsushi
2000年3月29日Calcium regulation of microtubule sliding in reactivated flagella坂内, 博子
2015年3月24日Comparative anatomy of hind-limb morphology associated with aquatic adaptation among Mustelidae森, 健人; Mori, Kent
2013年4月22日Complete loss of ciliary motility in Ktu-knockout mice; Insights into tissue-specific mechanisms for rotational polarity松尾, 萌; Matsuo, Moe
1996年3月29日Control of Cell Differentiation and Morphogenesis by Activin A during Early Amphibian DevelopmentAriizumi, Takashi; 有泉, 高史
2015年3月24日Dynamics and bacterial control of organic aggregates in marine environments山田, 洋輔; Yamada, Yosuke
2014年7月28日Epigenetic regulation of developmental genes in vertebrates中村, 遼平; Nakamura, Ryohei
2009年3月23日Evolution of the complement components with unique domain structureKimura, Ayuko; 木村, 鮎子
2015年3月24日Evolution of the complement genes in the Arthropoda関口, 玲生; Sekiguchi, Reo
2013年9月27日Evolution of the dimorphism of the immunoproteasome subunit beta type 8 (PSMB8) gene in reptiles黄, 慶輝; Huang, Ching-Huei
2014年5月19日Evolutionary analysis of brain function using non-mammalized(amphibian Brn-2/Pou3f2 knock-in) mice矢田, 紗織; Yada, Saori
1994年3月29日Evolutionary Biological Studies on Replacement of Symbiotic Microorganisms in AphidsFukatsu, Takema; 深津, 武馬
2014年3月24日Evolutionary history of the green secondary eukaryotes chlorarachniophytes based on phylogenetic analyses of nuclear-encoded genesYANG, Yi; YANG, YI
2014年5月19日Evolutionary process of deep-sea fishes in the subfamily Lycodinae in the northwestern Pacific佐久間, 啓; Sakuma, Kei
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