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タイトル: The 2002 Seismic Refraction/Reflection Surveys in the Kozu-Matsuda Fault Zone and Ashigara Valley
その他のタイトル: 国府津−松田断層帯及び足柄平野における2002年地下構造探査
著者: Tanaka, Yasuhisa
Koketsu, Kazuki
Yamanaka, Hiroaki
Uetake, Tomiichi
Tanada, Toshikazu
Kawasaki, Shinji
Miyake, Hiroe
著者(別言語): 田中, 康久
纐纈, 一起
山中, 浩明
植竹, 富一
棚田, 俊收
川崎, 慎治
三宅, 弘恵
キーワード: Kozu-Matsuda fault zone
Ashigara valley
refraction survey
reflection survey
発行日: 2009年
出版者: 地震研究所
掲載誌情報: 地震研究所彙報. 第83号第3/4冊, 2008, pp. 251-263
抄録: We conducted seismic surveys in western Kanagawa prefecture including the Kozu-Matsuda fault zone and Ashigara valley, in February and March 2002. The reflection surveys were carried out using vibrator sources along 2 receiver lines. Line A is 15-km long and extends east to west across the Kozu-Matsuda fault zone and Ashigara valley. Line B is 10-km long and extends north to south in the valley. 1151 receivers were deployed at intervals of 25m for 210 vibration points. 3-D refraction surveys were also conducted with 4-dynamite shots at both sides of the lines A and B and repeated vibroseis sweeps were made at 3 points. In addition to the 1151 reflection receivers, 108 receivers were deployed along the 5 lines between the shot points, and 128 independent receivers were located over a wide area in the Ashigara valley. We overview the surveys and present datasets of seismograms and travel times.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/25330
ISSN: 00408992


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