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タイトル: A New Computational Scheme for Computing Greeks by the Asymptotic Expansion Approach
著者: Matsuoka, Ryosuke
Takahashi, Akihiko
発行日: 2005年4月
出版者: 日本経済国際共同センター
抄録: We developed a new scheme for computing "Greeks"of derivatives by an asymptotic expansion approach. In particular, we derived analytical approximation formulae for deltas and vegas of plain vanilla and average call options under general Markovian processes of underlying asset prices. We also derived approximation formulae for gammas of plain vanilla and average call options, and for deltas of digital options under CEV(Constant Elasticity of Variance) processes of underlying assets'prices. Moreover, we introduced a new variance reduction method of Monte Carlo simulations based on the asymptotic expansion scheme. Finally, several numerical examples under CEV processes confirmed the validity of our method.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/2613
その他の識別子: CIRJE-F-338
出現カテゴリ:061 ディスカッションペーパー
Discussion Paper F series (in English)


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