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2010年9月27日A Study on Effectiveness of Field Water Tube as a Practical Indicator to Irrigate SRI Rice Field in Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Management PracticeLatif, MD. Abdul; ラティフ, モハマド アブドゥル
2014年9月26日A study on sectoral approaches to climate change mitigation for upstream oil and gas industry in Thailandチャイヤパ, ワラティダ; Warathida, Chaiyapa
2010年9月27日Air and Water Pollution Assessment of Solid Waste Management System in Metro Manila(Summary)Ferrer, Jovelyn G.; フェレール, ジョーベリン ガラシア
2013年3月25日An Ethnographic Study on Local Residents’ Willingness and Action towards Revitalization of Devastated Villages beyond the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 : Case Study in Unosumai Basin, Kamaishi City, Iwate PrefectureAkinaga, Nami; 秋永, 名美
2012年3月22日An ex-post perspective on human-ecological system resilience and dynamics : a case study of the Philippine brackish-water pond aquacultureTumilba, Victor Ramil Marius Tronco; トゥミルバ, ヴィクター ラミル マリウス トゥロンコ
2014年9月26日Analysis of forest management and external stakeholder support : Study of forest certification in Indonesian private forestウタミ, インギタ; Inggita, Utami
2013年3月25日Analysis of Relation between Corporate Environmental Performance and Financial Performance for Environmental Evaluation of Manufacturing FirmsAkiyama,Yuki; 秋山, 勇樹
2010年9月27日Analyzing Impact of Grass Root ODA Program on Community Capacity Development towards SustainabilityKurnia, Aliyanti; クルニア, アリヤンティ
2014年9月26日Analyzing the impact of ecological restoration projects in drylands : a case study on vegetation responses and people’s perceptions in lower reaches of Heihe River Basin, Chinaシュウ, テンゲイ; Zhou, Tianyi
2012年3月22日Application of the Data-Intensive Approach to Technological Innovation System for Sustainability : The case of regenerative medicine innovation in Japan (summary)Hirose, Yuta; 廣瀬, 雄大
2013年Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental LeadersAkiyama, Tomohiro; Hanaki, Keisuke; Mino, Takashi; Mino, Takashi; Hanaki, Keisuke
2010年9月27日Assessment of Solid Waste Management in Ecovillages : The case of Konohana Family in Fujinomiya, Japan (summary)Veizaga Bellido, Jose Cristhian; ベイザガ ベリード, ホセ クリスチャン
2013年9月27日Biological Diversity of Plants and Human Activities in Inproving the Environment in the Suburban Coppice Fields : A Case Study in Oaota ForestYoshida, Yumi; 吉田, 裕美
2013年9月27日Carbon trading scheme as an incentive for percious hardwoods conservation and sustainable forest management in MadagascarRahelinirina, Mamy Lalaina
2010年9月27日Climate Change Adaptation Options for Sustainable Tourism in Small Island States: A Case Study in Jamaica(Summary)Hyman, Tracy-Ann; ハイマン, トレーシーアン ニコル
2014年9月26日Community perspectives on sustainable community development in a mining area in South Africa清永, 千尋; Kiyonaga, Chihiro
2011年9月27日Community-Private Sector Partnership in Community-Based Ecotourism Development : Contribution to Sustainability A Case of Chambok in Kompong Speu, Cambodia (summary)Som, Chanthida; ソム, チャンティダー
2014年3月24日Comparative study on implementation system of modern varieties : NERICA in contemporary Sub-Sahara Africa and modern variety wheat during Green Revolution in Mexico, India, and Pakistan遠藤, 珠美; エンドウ, タマミ
2009年9月28日Conceptualizing Sustainability DynamicsNadeeka, Niranji Satanarachchi; ナディカ, ニランジ サタンアーラッチ
2012年3月22日Conservation of rare plant habitats in suburban area : Changes in actors and driving forces of vegetation management in Kashiwa city (summary)Takishita, Yoko; 瀧下, 陽子
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