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タイトル: TBAFセミクラスレートの結晶生成に関する研究(要旨)
著者: 福田, 叙彦
キーワード: TBAF
crystal growth
growth rate
発行日: 2010年3月24日
抄録: Gas hydrates such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide can be produced in more moderate condition with tetra n-butyl ammonium fluoride (TBAF). But few reliable data such as the crystal growth rate of TBAF semi-clathrate has been obtained. Therefore, in order to measure and estimate the crystal growth rate and an effect of supercooling on it of TBAF semi-clathrate, the temperature increase and its rate were measured in bulk scale. The crystal growth rate in a micro channel was directly observed using a microscope. In addition, the effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), a kind of surfactants, was investigated. Furthermore, temperature variation corresponding to crystallization and dissociation was evaluated using LIF.
内容記述: 報告番号: ; 学位授与年月日: 2010-03-24 ; 学位の種別: 修士 ; 学位の種類: 修士(環境学) ; 学位記番号: 修創域第3516号 ; 研究科・専攻: 新領域創成科学研究科人間環境学専攻
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/37201
出現カテゴリ:025 修士論文
1223525 修士論文(環境学研究系人間環境学専攻)


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