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1996年3月29日A Basic Study on Solid-liquid Interfacial Reactions of Heavy Metal Ions in Soil SystemsMiyazaki, Akane; 宮崎, あかね
2015年3月24日A novel gene regulation system by transcriptional factor FOXO1 and nucleoporin NUP98荒井, 珠貴; Arai, Tamaki
2013年7月25日A response-rescaling property revealed by single-cell analysis of cAMP signaling response in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum神野, 圭太; Kamino, Keita
2015年3月24日A Sparse Compressive Model and a Low-Rank Matrix Representation for Practical Image and Video Editing谷田川, 達也; Yatagawa, Tatsuya
2015年3月24日ABLIM1の選択的スプライシング分子機構の解析大澤, 奈摘; Ohsawa, Natsumi
2015年3月6日Analyses of movement patterns and individual interactions in the animal behavior阿部, 真人; Abe, Masato
1999年3月29日Biological functions of type IV collagenHirose, Motohiro; 廣瀬, 志弘
2014年3月24日Boundaries and domain walls in two-dimensional supersymmetric theories本田, 大悟; Honda, Daigo
1996年3月29日Carbon-chain Free Radicals Studied by Laser and Microwave SpectroscopyKohguchi, Hiroshi; 高口, 博志
2015年3月6日Chemotactic response with a constant delay-time mechanism in Ciona spermatozoa revealed by a high time resolution analysis of flagellar motility宮代, 大輔; Miyashiro, Daisuke
1999年3月29日Collective ChaosShibata, Tatsuo; 柴田, 達夫
2000年3月29日Combinatorics of Constructible ComplexesHachimori, Masahiro; 八森, 正泰
2014年3月24日Computational principles of syntax in the language areas : Verification of the syntactic operations using fMRI太田, 真理; Ohta, Shinri
1999年3月29日Construction and Analysis of Full length-enriched and 5′-end-enriched cDNA libraries using the "Oligo-Capping"Suzuki, Yutaka; 鈴木, 穣
1997年3月28日Construction of Hydrogen-Bonded Organic FerromagnetMatsushita, Michio M.; 松下, 未知雄
2011年1月12日Constructive Research of Active Perception by Cognitive Experiment and Simulation Using Neural Networks大海, 悠太; OGAI, Yuta
2015年3月24日Deficits in memory-guided limb movements during obstacle avoidance locomotion in Alzheimer's disease mouse model瀬戸川, 将; SETOGAWA, SUSUMU
2015年3月24日Development of Molecular Materials with Multifunctional Properties Based on Magnetism in Transition Metal Complexes亀渕, 萌; KAMEBUCHI, Hajime
2014年5月22日Dispersal process of barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) breeding in Izu Islandsリングホーファー, 萌奈美; Ringhofer, Monamie
2015年3月6日Dysregulation of attention control mechanisms of working memory in high-anxiety individuals星野, 貴俊; Hoshino, Takatoshi
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 122
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