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2011年3月25日A magnetospheric energy principle extended to include neutral atmosphereMiura, Akira; 三浦, 彰
2007年6月A magnetospheric energy principle for hydromagnetic stability problemsMiura, Akira
1999年2月A quantitative test of the self‐organization hypothesis of the magnetopause Kelvin‐Helmholtz instability as an inverse problemMiura, Akira
1984年2月Anomalous Transport by Magnetohydrodynamic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities in the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere InteractionMiura, Akira
2001年1月Ballooning Instability as a Mechanism of the Near-Earth Onset of SubstormsMiura, Akira
1997年8月Compressible magnetohydrodynamic Kelvin–Helmholtz instability with vortex pairing in the two-dimensional transverse configurationMiura, Akira
2000年8月Conditions for the validity of the incompressible assumption for the ballooning instability in the long-thin magnetospheric equilibriumMiura, Akira
2009年Correction to "Pressure‐driven and ionosphere‐driven modes of magnetospheric interchange instability"Miura, Akira
1995年11月Dependence of the magnetopause Kelvin‐Helmholtz instability on the orientation of the magnetosheath magnetic fieldMiura, Akira
1992年7月Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability at the Magnetospheric Boundary : Dependence on the Magnetosheath Sonic Mach NumberMiura, Akira
1985年10月Kelvin‐Helmholtz instability at the magnetospheric boundaryMiura, Akira
1990年5月Kelvin‐Helmholtz instability for supersonic shear flow at the magnetospheric boundaryMiura, Akira
2002年7月Minimum energy state and minimum angle rotation of the magnetic field in a current sheet with sheared magnetic fieldMiura, Akira
2003年2月Nonideal high-β magnetohydrodynamic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability driven by the shear in the ion diamagnetic drift velocity at the subsolar magnetopauseMiura, Akira
2001年12月Nonideal magnetohydrodynamic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability driven by the shear in the ion diamagnetic drift velocity in a high-beta plasmaMiura, Akira
2009年2月Pressure-driven and ionosphere-driven modes of magnetospheric interchange instabilityMiura, Akira
2015年2月18日Sclerotic Rings in Mosasaurs (Squamata: Mosasauridae): Structures and Taxonomic DiversityYamashita, Momo; Konishi, Takuya; Sato, Tamaki
1999年8月Self-Organization in the Two-Dimensional Kelvin-Helmholtz InstabilityMiura, Akira
1999年1月Self-organization in the two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic transverse Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilityMiura, Akira
1987年4月Simulation of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability at the Magnetospheric BoundaryMiura, Akira
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