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1938年3月20日1. Amplitudes of Rayleigh-waves with Discontinuities in their Dispersion CurvesSezawa, Katsutada; 妹澤, 克惟
1950年6月5日1. Boundary Conditions in the Problem of Generation of Elastic WavesSato, Yasuo
1965年7月15日1. Effects of Intervenient Boundaries on the Elastic Wave PropagationONDA, Isao; 音田, 功
1983年7月28日1. Higher Mode Interference on Oceanic Love Waves Excited by Shallow Earthquakes as Inferred through Synthetic WavesYoshida, Mitsuru; 吉田, 満
1902年9月18日1. Introduction(Macro-seismic Measurement in Tokyo. III)Omori, F.
1902年9月18日1. List of the Earthquakes(Macro-seismic Measurement in Tokyo. II)Omori, F.
1950年3月20日1. Mathematical Study of the Propagation of Waves upon Stratified Medium(1)Sato, Yasuo; Iida, Kumizi
1949年3月15日1. Motion of the Bay Water caused by Seismic Sea WavesTakahasi, Ryutaro
1971年9月30日1. Multi-Mode Love Waves Excited by Shallow and Deep EarthquakesFukao, Yoshio; Abe, Katsuyuki; 深尾, 良夫; 阿部, 勝征
1948年6月30日1. Notes on the Electromagnetic Induction within the EarthRikitake, Tsuneji; 力武, 常次
1961年3月30日1. Rayleigh Wave Dispersions across the Oceanic Basin around Japan(Part3) : On the Crust of the South-Western Pacific OceanSanto, Tetsuo A; 三東, 哲夫
1970年3月31日1. Regional Study on the Characteristic Seismicity of the World : Part 3. New Hebrides Islands RegionSanto, Tetsuo; 三東, 哲夫
1954年6月30日1. S-Wellen an der fest-flussigen Schichtgrenze. I.松沢, 武雄; Matuzawa, Takeo
1964年5月30日1. Soft Core Spectrum Splitting of the Torsional Oscillation of an Elastic Sphere and Related Problems.SATO, Yasuo; 佐藤, 泰夫
1960年3月30日1. Stability and Non-Steady State of Self-Exciting Dynamos 1Yukutake, Takesi; 行武, 毅
1969年3月20日1. Stress Fields in the Neighborhood of α CrackMaruyama, Takuo; 丸山, 卓男
1943年3月30日1. The Natural Remanent Magnetism of Volcanic Racks and Its Relation to Geomagnetic PhenomenaNagata, Takesi; 永田, 武
1939年3月30日1. The Range of Possible Existence of Stoneley-waves, and Some Related ProblemsSezawa, Katsutada; Kanai, Kiyoshi; 妹澤, 克惟; 金井, 淸
1950年10月20日1. Transformations of Wave-functions Related to the Transformations of Coordinates Systems. I.Sato, Yasuo; 佐藤, 泰夫
1942年3月30日1. Transmission of Arbitrary Elastic Waves from a Spherical Source, Solved with Operational Calculus. IIISezawa, Katsutada; Kanai, Kiyoshi; 妹澤, 克惟; 金井, 淸
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 4466
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