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2005年7月On crystallization at the inner core boundaryShimizu, Hisayoshi; Poirier, JP; Le Mouel, JL; 清水, 久芳
2009年5月Radiation of acoustic and gravity waves and propagation of boundary waves in the stratified fluid from a time-varying bottom boundary綿田, 辰吾; Watada, Shingo
2004年3月The feasibility of using decadal changes in the geoelectric field to probe Earth's coreShimizu, Hisayoshi; Utada, Hisashi; 清水, 久芳
2008年10月20日Whole mantle SH velocity model constrained by waveform inversion based on three-dimensional Born kernelsTakeuchi, Nozomu
検索結果表示: 1 - 4 / 4


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