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2014年10月16日Development of hepatocyte culture systems for drug screening through optimization of culture microenvironments肖, 文晋; Xiao, Wenjin
2015年3月12日Development of lightweight electrochemical capacitor electrodes based on a three dimensional carbon nanotube network capturing capacitive particlesRicardo, Quintero-Restrepo; リカルド, キンテーロ レストレポ
2015年3月24日Development of Novel Elastin-Like Block Polypeptides and Their Use in Construction of Biomimetic Extracellular MatricesLe, Huynh-Tien Duc; レ, ヒュイン ティエン ドゥック
2013年12月20日Development of perfluorocarbon-based supported liquid membranes for gas separationCastro, Dominguez-Bernardo; カストロ, ドミンゲス ベルナルド
2014年9月26日Development of Perovskite-type Oxide Photocatalysts for Water Splitting under Visible Light Irradiation王, 謙; Qian, Wang
2014年9月26日Development of production methods of submillimeter-long carbon nanotubes陳, 忠明; Chen, Zhongming
2014年3月24日Development of Water Splitting Photocatalysts Based on (Oxy)nitrides熊, 諳珂; XIONG, ANKE
1972年3月29日Effect of mass transfer on the behavior of a catalyst小宮山, 宏; Komiyama, Hiroshi
2013年9月27日Effects of particle characteristics on flame propagation mechanism in dust explosions高, 偉; GAO, WEI
2015年3月24日First-Principles Study on Photoenergy Conversion in Semiconductors using Density-functional and Many-body Perturbation Theories河合, 宏樹; KAWAI, HIROKI
2014年3月24日Flame Acceleration and Blast Wave Generation in Accidental Gas Explosions金, 佑勁; KIM, WOO KYUNG
2014年3月24日Group IV or V Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells徐, 貞淑; Seo, Jeongsuk
2015年3月24日Investigations on intercalation cathodes for sodium-ion batteries劉, 貫東; Guandong, Liu
2014年3月24日Organic Structure-Directing Agent-Free Synthesis of Zeolites through a Seed-Directed Approach伊與木, 健太; Iyoki, Kenta
2014年3月24日Scenario Analysis using Graphical Representation for Developing Technology Introduction Strategies陳, 怡靜; CHEN, I-Ching
2009年3月23日Some (Oxy)sulfide Materials as Visible Light Driven Photocatalysts for Water Splitting ReactionOgisu, Kiyonori; 荻巣, 清徳
2009年3月23日Structuration of Knowledge on Process Design and Evaluation for Risk-Based Decision MakingKikuchi, Yasunori; 菊池, 康紀
2014年3月24日Study of COx Methanation Mechanism over Supported Metal Catalysts多田, 昌平; TADA, SHOHEI
2014年9月26日Study on (Ag,Cu)GaSe2 Thin Film Photocathodes for Water Splitting張, 礼; Li, Zhang
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 32
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