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タイトル: Learning Safety Education on an Open Course Ware
著者: Morimura, Kumiko
Entzinger, Jorg Onno
Suzuki, Shinji
著者(別言語): 森村, 久美子
エントジンガー, ヨルグ オノ
鈴木, 真二
キーワード: e-learning
Open Courseware
safety education
engineering education
発行日: 2011年
出版者: Asia Regional OpenCourseWare and Open Education Conference
掲載誌情報: Asia Regional OpenCourseWare and Open Education Conference 2011. Paper No. 15, 2011
抄録: This paper discusses a part of the safety education materials we are creating as content for our e-learning system called SNOWBALLS®. The long-term vision for content development within the SNOWBALLS project includes teaching academic engineering vocabulary for both Japanese and international students (i.e., both English and Japanese versions), as well as safety education, and training of teaching and office staff. The Great East Japan Earthquake in March of this year made us decide to prioritize the development of a part of the safety education materials, since the raised awareness and (media) attention for this topic provided increased motivation and a rich source of ideas and vocabulary to teach. In a seminar style class, 9 students and 2 student teaching assistants developed e-learning modules under the supervision of the authors. The topics were natural disasters, safety in buildings, communication, reconstruction, and energy. We highlight the outcomes of this class, and also discuss our motivation for creating e-learning content on these topics in the wider context of safety education.
内容記述: Asia Regional OpenCourseWare and Open Education Conference (AROOC) 2011, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, 7-8 Nov. 2011
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/50158
出現カテゴリ:052 会議発表論文
1137350 学会・会議等発表資料


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