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タイトル: An attempt to detect contamination with estrogenic compounds in river water of urban area in Thailand and Malaysia using transgenic medaka
著者: Kinoshita, Masato
Zakaria, Mohamad Pauzi
Ismail, Ahmad
Yusof, Shahrizad
Boonphakdee, Chuta
Boonphakdee, Thanomsak
Inoue, Koji
キーワード: endocrine disrupter
発行日: 2010年8月20日
出版者: International Coastal Research Center, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo
掲載誌情報: Coastal marine science. Vol. 34, No. 1, 2010, pp. 216-222
抄録: Contamination of estrogen-like substances (ELSs) in the river and coastal areas in Thailand and Malaysia was investigated using transgenic medaka, which indicates estrogenic contamination level as green fluorescence in its liver. Water samples were collected from two rivers in Thailand, four rivers in Malaysia, and three coastal areas (two in Thailand, one in Malaysia). Generally, no contamination was observed in headwater, river mouth, countryside, and coastal areas. On the other hand, detectable levels of contamination were observed in the river water of urban area. These suggest that contamination by estrogenic substances occurs in urban area, but these substances may be diluted and/or degraded to the undetectable levels until the water reaches river mouth. Relatively high levels of ELSs were observed at Sang Khep River mouth in Thailand and toxic effects were observed in urban area of Sang Khep River as well as urban area and the mouth of the Klang River in Malaysia.
内容記述: Proceedings of 4th JSPS-VAST Joint Seminar on 'Coastal Marine Science', Hai Phong, Viet Nam, 26-28 October 2009
Ocean Pollution
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/51674
ISSN: 13493000
出現カテゴリ:Coastal Marine Science
Coastal Marine Science


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