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タイトル: Investigation of the Vertical Structure of Warm-Cloud Microphysical Properties Using the Cloud Evolution Diagram, CFODD, Simulated by a Three-Dimensional Spectral Bin Microphysical Model
著者: Sato, Yousuke
Nakajima, Takashi Y.
Nakajima, Teruyuki
キーワード: Clouds
Cloud microphysics
Cloud radiative effects
Cloud retrieval
Cloud resolving models
発行日: 2012年6月
出版者: American Meteorological Society
掲載誌情報: Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. Vol. 69, Issue 6, June 2012, pp. 2012-2030
抄録: This paper investigates the vertical structure of warm-cloud microphysical properties by using a three-dimensional (3D) spectral bin microphysical model. A time series of contoured frequency by optical depth diagrams (CFODDs), which were proposed by previous studies, are calculated for the first time by a 3D model assuming two types of aerosol conditions (i.e., polluted and pristine). This contrasts with previous studies that obtained CFODDs using either a two-dimensional model or an accumulation of monthly and global observation data. The results show that the simulated CFODDs are characterized by distinctive patterns of radar reflectivities, similar to the patterns often observed by satellite remote sensing, even though the calculation domain of this study is limited to an area of 30 × 30 km2, whereas the satellite observations are of a global scale. A cloud microphysical box model is then applied to the simulated cloud field at each time step to identify the dominant process for each of the patterns. The results reveal that the wide variety of satellite-observed CFODD patterns can be attributed to different microphysical processes occurring in multiple cloud cells at various stages of the cloud life cycle.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/52833
ISSN: 00224928
出現カテゴリ:014 自然科学
1391010 学術雑誌


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