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タイトル: Impact of atmospheric reactive nitrogen compounds on marine biogeochemical cycles over the Pacific Ocean
その他のタイトル: 太平洋における海洋大気中反応性窒素化合物の生物地球化学的過程への影響
著者: 鄭, 進永
発行日: 2012年5月14日
抄録: Aerosol, rain and sea fog (only in the subarctic western North Pacific) samples were collected between 48°N and 55°S during the KH-08-2 (R/V Hakuho Maru, 29 July–17 September 2008, the subarctic and subtropical western North Pacific), the MR08-06 (R/V Mirai, 15 January–8 April 2009, the North and South Pacific) and the KT-09-5 (R/V Tansei Maru, 1 May–6 May 2009, the semi-pelagic western North Pacific) cruises conducted over the North and South Pacific Oceans, in order to estimate deposition fluxes for atmospheric reactive inorganic N species, including ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate(NO3–), and evaluate their impact on marine biogeochemical cycle.
内容記述: 報告番号: ; 学位授与年月日: 2012-05-14 ; 学位の種別: 課程博士 ; 学位の種類: 博士(農学) ; 学位記番号: 博農第3848号 ; 研究科・専攻: 農学系研究科水圏生物科学専攻
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/54238
出現カテゴリ:021 博士論文
1161020 博士論文(水圏生物科学専攻)


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