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タイトル: The Internal Structures of Adjectives in Japanese
著者: Morita, Chigusa
キーワード: Japanese adjective
morphological structure
Distributed morphology
発行日: 2010年9月
出版者: Tokyo University English Linguistics Association
掲載誌情報: Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics. No.26, 2010.9, pp. 105-118
抄録: Many studies have been made on the internal structures of verbs and nouns, but less is known about the internal structure of adjectives. A close examination of adjectives suggests that some adjectives have complex internal structures like items in other lexical categories. In this paper, I propose the internal structures of adjectives in Japanese in the framework of Distributed Morphology proposed by Marantz (1997 and subsequent work). I demonstrate that Japanese adjectives come in four types in terms of their syntactic and semantic properties, and claim that each type of adjectives has a different internal structure. This claim reveals that there is a close relationship between the internal structures of adjectives and their interpretations; the internal structure of adjectives determines their semantic type. This paper also demonstrates that there is a correlation to some extent between the morphology and the semantics of adjectives in Japanese.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/54880
出現カテゴリ:Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics
Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics


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