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タイトル: Fish assemblages on coral reefs of Karimun Jawa Islands, Central Jawa, Indonesia
著者: Suharti, Sasanti R.
キーワード: coral reef fishes
major fishes
target fishes
indicator fishes
発行日: 2006年4月28日
出版者: International Coastal Research Center, Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo
掲載誌情報: Coastal marine science. Vol.30No.1, 2006.4, pp. 247-251
抄録: A visual census of reef fish at 56 sites along reefs at Karimun Jawa Islands was carried out to describe abundance and diversity of fishes. A total of 9946 fish individuals were recorded. They belonged to 196 species from 29 families. Of these fishes, 102 species were major fishes, 74 species were target fishes and 20 species were recorded as an indicator fishes. The 10 numerically dominant species of target fishes accounted for 53.33%. Of these fishes, Scaridae is the most dominant family. Unlike other places in Java waters, butterfly fishes as an indicator fishes was abundant in terms of number of species. The remaining dominant species were made up of major species commonly associated with coral reef habitat.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/5642
ISSN: 13493000
出現カテゴリ:Coastal Marine Science
Coastal Marine Science


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