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1984年A numeriacal approach to the landscape classification of municipalities in Saitama prefecture, Central JapanTAKEUCHI, Kazuhiko; 武内, 和彦
2009年10月Agroforestry in the WesternGhats of peninsular India and the satoyama landscapes of Japan: a comparison of two sustainable land use systemsKumar, B. Mohan; Takeuchi, K.
2012年5月14日Ambrosia beetle guild attacking a deciduous oak tree Quercus serrata in the Central Japan and species risk assessment in relation to potential invasiveness and aggresiveness based on niche analysisSanguansub, Sunisa; サングァンスップ, スニサ
2009年3月Are small rodents key promoters of ecosystem restoration in harsh environments? : A case study of abandoned croplands on Mongolian grasslandsYoshihara, Y.; Okuroa, T.; Jamsranb,U.; Sasakia,T.; Takeuchia, K.
2008年1月Can edaphic factors demonstrate landscape-scale differences in vegetation responses to grazing ?Sasaki, Takehiro; Okayasu, Tomoo; Shirato, Yasuhito; Undarmaa, Jamsran; Okubo, Satoru; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko
2008年Characteristics in the distribution of the woodland vegetation in the southern Kanto region since the early 20th centuryIchikawa, K.,; Okayasu, T.; Takeuchi, K.
2004年Classification of the size distribution of soil aggregates in arid and semi-arid regions in East AsiaOkayasu, T.; Takeuchi, K. 
2009年Comparison of vegetation changes along grazing gradients with different numbers of livestockHoshino, A.; Yoshihara, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Okayasu, T.; Jamsran, U.; Okuro, T.; Takeuchi, K.
2000年Distribution and structure of urban green spaces in Metro ManilaMoriwake, Noriko; Palijon, Armando M.; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko; Murakami, Akinobu; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; 武内, 和彦
2009年6月Effects of disturbance by Siberian marmots (Marmota sibirica) on spatial heterogeneity of vegetation at multiple spatial scalesYoshihara, Yu; Ohkuro, Toshiya; Bayarbaatar, Buuveibaatar; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko
2011年9月27日Food flow and agricultural landscape changes towards a sustainable city region in Tianjin, ChinaZhou, Dingyang; 周, 丁揚
2015年3月24日Geographic variation and genetic structure of teak (Tectona grandis) in Myanmar revealed by cpSNP and nrSSR markersTHWE, THWE WIN; トウェ, トウェ ウィン
2009年8月Historical impacts on linear habitats : the present distribution of grassland species in forest-edge vegetationKOYANAGI, Tomoyo; KUSUMOTO, Yoshinobu; YAMAMOTO, Shori; OKUBO, Satoru; TAKEUCHI, Kazuhiko
2011年3月24日Impacts of non-native plant invasion on generalist insect herbivores through habitat modificationYoshioka, Akira; 吉岡, 明良
2009年Intermediate disturbance on rangelands : Management applicability of the intermediate disturbance hypothesis across Mongolian rangeland ecosystemsSasaki, Takehiro; Okubo, Satoru; Okayasu, Tomoo; Jamsran, Undarmaa; Ohkuro, Toshiya; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko
2012年3月22日Key mechanisms maintaining the plant species diversity of a conservationally important wetland, Ukishima Marsh by Lake KasumigauraWang, Zhe; 王, 喆
1980年Land characteristics of the hills and their modification by man : with special reference to a few cases in the Tama Hills, West of TokyoTAMURA, Toshikazu; TAKEUCHI, Kazuhiko; 武内, 和彦
2008年1月Landform transformation on the urban fringe of Bangkok: the need to review land-use planning processes with consideration of the flow of fill materials to developing areasHara, Y.; Thaitakoo, D.; Takeuchi, K.
1977年Landscape evaluation for the rehabilitation of an eroded drainage basin in the northern part of Okinawa Island, Southewest JapanTAKEUCHI, Kazuhiko; YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi; 武内, 和彦
2005年8月Management and micro-scale landform determine the ground flora of secondary woodlands and their verges in the Tama Hills of Tokyo, JapanOkubo, Satoru; Kamiyama, Asako; Kitagawa, Yoshiko; Yamada, Susumu; Palijon, Armando; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko; 武内, 和彦
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 137
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