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タイトル: イングランドの教員養成教育における実習生の個に応じた学び : SCITT(School-centred Initial Teacher Training)の事例に着目して
その他のタイトル: Learning Opportunities Corresponding to Individual Trainees in Initial Teacher Training in England: The Case Study of SCITT(School-centred Initial Teacher Training)
著者: 盛藤, 陽子
著者(別言語): Morito, Yoko
発行日: 2015年3月31日
出版者: 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
掲載誌情報: 東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要. 54巻, 2015.3, pp. 531-539
抄録: The purpose of this paper is to describe selected aspects of the learning process of trainees in the initial teacher training programme in England.  In 2010, the Education Secretary of England officially announced the shift from teacher training at universities to teacher training at schools. The role of university-led initial teacher training, which previously occupied 80 percent of the total capacity several years ago, has been replaced by the current school-led initial teacher training that is now responsible for approximately 30 percent of all teacher training in England.  This paper focuses on the case study of the School-centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), which is one of the options for schoolled training and accounts for approximately 6-7 percent of the existing teacher training programmes. Everyday experiences and situations for learning corresponding to the individual trainees at the training school were selected for this research. Northumbria D&T Partnership was selected as the subject for in-depth qualitative investigation. After data was gathered of classroom observations, tutorial sessions during school placement, and the individualised training programme, the features and processes are explained.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/57046
ISSN: 13421050


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