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タイトル: Psychiatric intervention and repeated admission to emergency centres due to drug overdose
著者: Kanehara, Akiko
Yamana, Hayato
Yasunaga, Hideo
Matsui, Hiroki
Ando, Shuntaro
Okamura, Tsuyoshi
Kumakura, Yousuke
Fushimi, Kiyohide
Kasai, Kiyoto
発行日: 2015年11月9日
出版者: The Royal College of Psychiatrists
掲載誌情報: Akiko Kanehara, Hayato Yamana, Hideo Yasunaga, Hiroki Matsui, Shuntaro Ando, Tsuyoshi Okamura, Yousuke Kumakura, Kiyohide Fushimi, and Kiyoto Kasai, "Psychiatric Intervention and Repeated Admission to Emergency Centres Due to Drug Overdose", British Journal of Psychiatry Open: 2015/11/9 (Japan time), doi:10.1192/bjpo.bp.115.002204.
関連URI: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ja/utokyo-research/research-news/psychiatric-intervention-and-repeated-emergency-admission-due-to-drug-overdose.html
抄録: Self-harm, with or without suicidal intent, substantially increases the risk of future suicide and is known to be the strongest predictor of completed suicide. Furthermore, repetition of self-harm is common: 16% of patients who self-harmed were found to repeat a similar episode within 1 year. Repetition of self-harm increases the risk of completed suicide. One study found overdose to be the most prevalent type of suicide attempt that required admission, and approximately 80% of self-harm episodes have been reported to involve overdose. It is therefore necessary to prevent the repetition of self-harm by drug overdose. According to clinical guidelines on the management of self-harm published in 2004, it is recommended that every patient presenting to hospital with self-harm should undergo a psychosocial assessment by specialists before being discharged. Despite this recommendation, some studies have found that many patients, especially those with repeated self-harm did not actually receive such assessments. That would suggest that the guideline has not been widely used – possibly because it was not based on firm evidence. There is a lack of data on the influence of psychosocial assessments on preventing repetition of self-harm. Some studies have suggested that such assessments do have an influence, but they were based on a small sample size or on a small number of highly advanced institutions. The present study focused on patients with drug overdose who were admitted to emergency centres. Using a national in-patient database in Japan, it aimed to investigate whether psychiatric intervention before discharge was associated with reduced patient readmissions with drug overdose.
内容記述: UTokyo Research掲載「過量服薬による入院患者と精神科医による診察の関係」 URI: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ja/utokyo-research/research-news/psychiatric-intervention-and-repeated-emergency-admission-due-to-drug-overdose.html
UTokyo Research "Psychiatric intervention and repeated emergency admission due to drug overdose" URI: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/utokyo-research/research-news/psychiatric-intervention-and-repeated-emergency-admission-due-to-drug-overdose.html
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/59065
ISSN: 2056-4724(online)
出現カテゴリ:014 自然科学
1229010 学術雑誌論文


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