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1913年Cable way (Mathematical treating of its design)守屋, 逸男
1943年CaC2-CaOに成分系の融点の測定に関する研究井野, 司郎
1909年Calculation for Heights of C.G., Suggestions for Tabulating Data, and Making influences for Future Use上村, 勇次郎
1923年Calculation for 5000 KW combined impulse and reactor steam turbine for dynamo driving.山川, 智雄
1926年Calculation of a Flying Boat up to the "Getting off "Speed中島, 隆秀
1928年Calculation of Bending Moment at Special condition of Loading阿部, 通金
1925年Calculation of current carrying capacity of underground cable久保, 正信
1929年3月Calculation of Diploma Design Elevated RailwayHayashidani, Kiyoji
1928年Calculation of Longitudinal Bending stress of a Ship in special conditions of loading有田, 千畝
1919年Calculation of magnetic flux古在, 由正
1910年Calculation of Stability in a Proposed vessel (Designed for Graduation Drawing) When Inclined in any Direction堀尚, 靖
1919年Calculation of sudden short-circuit current of alternators内ヶ崎, 贇五郎
1923年Calculation paper for Water turbine of low head and vertical type H = 50' N = 200 Q = 500個多賀, 裕重
1929年3月Calculation paper of the design of Kamakura-Bashi (Hingeless Reinforced Concrete Arch)Maruyama, H.
1924年Calculation paper on chiel dimentions of carbonic acid refrigerating machine石崎, 正一
1923年Calculation sheet marine of geared steam turbine design for vessel of 10400 tons gross.内野, 稔
1923年Calculations of Froude's "The Non-Uniform Rolling"松田, 良雄
1930年3月Calulculation Papers of Elevated Railway at HyōgoIchimura, M.
1936年Cantilever Wing, Flexural-torsional Flutter.山田, 為治
1907年Capacity of air pump for surface condenser of merchant ...斉藤, 貞一
検索結果表示: 295 - 314 / 6366
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