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1882年Telegraph Poles with Methods of their Preservation岩垂, 邦彦
1920年Telephone repeaters堀, 正威
1909年Telephonic Transmission福田, 豊
1919年Temperature distribution in electrical apparatus山本, 善次
1925年Tension Test of Lead市川, 重義; 諏訪, 邦雄
1911年Tension tests of mild steel.小寺, 又吉
1927年Testing methods of Dielectric strength for elective insulating materials, electric machines and apparatus paper insulated cables and porcelain insulators赤羽, 善治
1904年Testing of car and wagon axles.橋井, 新吉
1933年Testing on Winder of Asaura down cast shaft at Sakito Colliery福田, 泰一
1923年Tests of suspension type insulators常木, 愛藏
1912年Tetronitro methran馬場, 俶躬
1910年The Comparison of Moment of Inertia of Ships under the New and Old Lloyd ’s Rules安井, 与一
1910年The Effect on the Transverse Strength of Ship due to Variations in the Method of Construction長島, 隆
1915年The 50~ operation of 60~ roted and vice versa大原, 雅一
1883年The action of steam in 3-cylinder compound engines.近藤, 基樹
1907年The Ammunition Rooms and Its Supply in War Ships久保, 綱彦
1909年The application of low pressure turbine to the utilization ..鈴木, 充形
1923年The application of the thermionic vacuum tube as an amplifier in the modern wired wireless telephony神谷, 巷
1947年The Austenite - Martensite Transformation篠田, 暲
検索結果表示: 2175 - 2194 / 6366
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