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1928年A Comparative Study of Isherwood Bracket & Bracketless Oil Tanker岩田, 金吾
1909年A Consideration of Strength of Bulkhead山中, 三郎
1911年A Method of Calculating Stability from Mean Section of a Ship鈴木, 恪司
1905年A study of Curves of Resistance Obtained from Tank Experiment刈谷, 秀雄
1922年A Study on Air Power保倉, 長三郎
1917年About the Increasing of Cargo Carrying Power with Definite Displacement筧己, 丑生
1909年About Transverse Strength of Ships曽我, 清雄
1942年Admiralty Coefficient についての研究. 特に油艙船の資料によつて田坂, 鋭一
1925年An Experiment on the Temperature Distribution in a Metallic Structure with Special Ref1erence to a Ship's Model関根, 仁; 古谷, 孝一; 細野, 尚彦
1920年Annealing Effect on Strength on Electric Welded Joints桝方, 楢三郎,; 出淵, 巽
1929年Appropriate Method of Strengthening the Half Beams and Deck Girder of a Cargo Deck in way of Hatches in regards to Present Method of Construction三谷, 要
1909年Ballasting and Trimming of a Tramp Cargo Steamer of Graduation Design吉田, 正穏
1906年Ballasting of Steamer島田, 稲喜
1911年Bending Moments due to the Different Positions of Wave Crest藤本, 喜久雄
1905年Bending Moments due to the Respective Position of Wave Crest and Its Effect on Shaft野村, 省吾
1918年Bending Test of Timer田中, 久重
1948年Bilge Keel の周りの圧力に関する一実験坂井, 欣一; 村元, 伸夫
1939年Bulbous Bow中田, 富次郎
1929年Bulkheadヲ有スルRectaugular Hollow Cylinder ノ Torsion ニ就テ前田, 豊造; 森田, 邦雄
1909年Calculation for Heights of C.G., Suggestions for Tabulating Data, and Making influences for Future Use上村, 勇次郎
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