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1935年220KV送電線の中性点接地問題前田, 昇
1915年3-phase transformers藤沢, 久三郎
1900年A Design of the Electrical Equipment of the Power Transmission from Tamagawa to Tokyo小平, 浪平
1894年A Design on the Electric Light Station of Kanazawa City塩屋, 益次郎
1893年A design on the illumination of The Imperial University岡本, 敬太郎
1926年A few experimental researches on vacuum tube arresters used in telephone circuits大野, 貫二
1909年A Glance on Regulation and Control in general長塩, 熙
1909年A Graduation Thesis / On Mutual Induction of Three Phase Circuits川崎, 寛
1899年A new formula for Transformer Economy : Study about Electric insulation福田, 勝
1921年A part of introduction to the mercury arc rectifier小林, 謙二
1896年A Process of Rotary Field induction Motor Calculation with Kapp's C lock-diagram鳳, 秀太郎
1919年A short study of Air-gap ampere-turns in dynamo大岩, 復一郎
1901年A Short Study On A Polyphase Alternator橋本, 千之助
1920年A short study on A.C. signaling track circuit廣瀬, 敬一
1907年A Short Study on Commutation of Electric Machineries柔嶋, 正
1906年A Short study on Comparison of A.C. Single Phase Commutator Motor with Poly-Phase Induction Motor for Railway Service長谷川, 敬三
1924年A short study on High frequency induction furnace伊藤, 栄
1909年A Short Study on High Tension Underground Cable田中, 寛
1909年A Short Study on Losses in the Induction Motor長濱, 重麿
1925年A short study on oil circuit breakers豊島, 嘉造
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 1694
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