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1896年A Design of A New Telephone System後藤, 一郎
1925年Amagasaki Steam Power Plant杉原, 巽
1897年Bakan E. L. Co. /Fukagawa E. L. Co.大山, 勝三郎
1880年Construction of Akita-line / Construction of Akita-line Construction of Miyako-line岩田, 武夫
1898年Design as Report of My Excursion /Fukagawa E. L. Co.中村, 幸之助
1899年Electrical power equipment of Osarisawa copper mine福井, 薫
1893年Estimation for the Central Station, and the Wiring of Sevral Buildings岡本, 敬太郎
1901年Experience obtained on the Cylinder ratio of Steam Engine in An Electric Light Station八巻, 彌一
1921年Fukusaki Steam Power Plant大岡, 馬〓雄
1921年Fukushima Electric Company佐藤, 篤二郎
1920年Fukuzaki Steam Power Plant船門, 清馬
1920年Fukuzaki Steam Power Plant馬場, 敬治
1926年Hagawato hydroelectric power station and Keihin Electric Power Company亀田, 道夫
1896年Historical Notes on Hakodate Electric Lighting Plant市川, 誠治
1900年Hosiu E. Railway Co./Hiroshima Hydraulic P. Co./Kobe E.L. Co. /Osaka E.L. Co./Kyoto E. L.C o. /Kyoto E.Railway Co./Kyoto Hydraulic Power Station/Nagoya E.L.Co. Nagoya E.Railway Co./Yokohama E.L.Co.市夾崎, 佐一郎
1900年Itabashi Electric Generating Plant for the tunnel working of Kobotoke of the Central line/The Plant of Sasako/The Plant of Kanazawa Electric transmission/ Of the parallel working of the polyphase generators馬塲, 才吉
1899年Kagoshima Water Power Station種子島, 時彦
1900年Kobe Electric Ligh Co.稻田, 三之助
1914年Mitsu-bishi Docky and engine works玉江, 正
1922年Mitubisi Kobe Electric Works山内, 二郎
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 1584
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