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タイトル: Floating Quantifiers and Partitives
著者: Morita, Chigusa
キーワード: floating quantifier
partitive construction
feature checking
resumptive pronou
発行日: 2001年12月
出版者: Tokyo University English Linguistics Association
掲載誌情報: Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics. No.18, 2001.12, pp. 123-135
抄録: This paper discusses the mechanism of quantifier floating. Following the stranding analysis, I maintain that a floating quantifier forms an underlying constituent together with the DP it modifies in its base position, i.e. [Spec, VP]. However, I claim that the underlying structure is a partitive construction such as [Q-of-DP], not [Q-DP]. Although numeral/existential quantifiers can also be found in partitive constructions, these quantifiers cannot float. This behavioral difference between universal quantifiers and numeral/existential quantifiers is attributed to their structural differences : a universal quantifier is the head of the partitive structure while the preposition of projects maximally in the partitive construction with numeral/existential quantifiers.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/6786
出現カテゴリ:Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics
Linguistic research : working papers in English linguistics


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