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1996年3月29日A Basic Study on Solid-liquid Interfacial Reactions of Heavy Metal Ions in Soil SystemsMiyazaki, Akane; 宮崎, あかね
2015年3月24日A novel gene regulation system by transcriptional factor FOXO1 and nucleoporin NUP98荒井, 珠貴; Arai, Tamaki
2013年7月25日A response-rescaling property revealed by single-cell analysis of cAMP signaling response in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum神野, 圭太; Kamino, Keita
2015年3月24日A Sparse Compressive Model and a Low-Rank Matrix Representation for Practical Image and Video Editing谷田川, 達也; Yatagawa, Tatsuya
2015年3月24日ABLIM1の選択的スプライシング分子機構の解析大澤, 奈摘; Ohsawa, Natsumi
1988年3月25日Agricultural Land-use Suryey by LANDSATSatoh, Tetsuo; 佐藤, 哲夫
2008年An Inquiry into the Relationship between Public Participation and Moral Education in Contemporary Japan: Who decides your way of life?Tachibana, Koji; 立花, 幸司
2007年7月Analogical Modification in the Creation of Contemporary ArtOkada, Takeshi; Yokochi, Sawako; Ishibashi, Kentaro; Namba, Kumiko; Ueda, Kazuhiro; 植田, 一博
2015年3月6日Analyses of movement patterns and individual interactions in the animal behavior阿部, 真人; Abe, Masato
2011年Aoki Phases in Staggered-Wilson FermionsMisumi, Tatsuhiro; Creutz, Michael; Kimura, Taro; Nakano, Takashi Z.; Ohnishi, Akira
2011年5月Aoki phases in the lattice Gross-Neveu model with flavored mass termsCreutz, Michael; Kimura, Taro; Misumi, Tatsuhiro
1986年3月30日Application of Geographical Terminology to Japanese Urban GrowthTANABE, Hiroshi; 田辺, 裕
1999年3月29日Biological functions of type IV collagenHirose, Motohiro; 廣瀬, 志弘
2014年3月24日Boundaries and domain walls in two-dimensional supersymmetric theories本田, 大悟; Honda, Daigo
1996年3月29日Carbon-chain Free Radicals Studied by Laser and Microwave SpectroscopyKohguchi, Hiroshi; 高口, 博志
1983年3月25日Challenge and Response in the Relationship between Typhoon Disasters and Human Action in JapanNishikawa, Osamu; 西川, 治
1983年3月25日Characteristics and Problems of Asian Port CitiesTanabe, Hiroshi; 田辺, 裕
2010年9月Characters of Lattice Fermions Based on the Hyperdiamond LatticeKimura, Taro; Misumi, Tatsuhiro
2015年3月6日Chemotactic response with a constant delay-time mechanism in Ciona spermatozoa revealed by a high time resolution analysis of flagellar motility宮代, 大輔; Miyashiro, Daisuke
2010年Classification and Generalization of Minimal-doubling actionsMisumi, Tatsuhiro; Creutz, Michael; Kimura, Taro
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 345
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