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タイトル: Detection of High-Energy Gamma Rays from Winter Thunderclouds
著者: Tsuchiya, H.
Enoto, T.
Yamada, S.
Yuasa, T.
Kawaharada, M.
Kitaguchi, T.
Kokubun, M.
Kato, H.
Okano, M.
Nakamura, S.
Makishima, K.
著者(別言語): 土屋, 晴文
榎戸, 輝揚
山田, 真也
湯浅, 孝行
川原田, 円
北口, 貴雄
国分, 紀秀
加藤, 博
岡野, 眞治
中村, 聡史
牧島, 一夫
発行日: 2007年10月
出版者: American Physical Society
掲載誌情報: Physical Review Letters, 99(16), 2007.10, pp. 165002-1-4
抄録: A report is made on a comprehensive observation of a burstlike -ray emission from thunderclouds on the Sea of Japan, during strong thunderstorms on 6 January 2007. The detected emission, lasting for ~40 sec, preceded cloud-to-ground lightning discharges. The burst spectrum, extending to 10 MeV, can be interpreted as consisting of bremsstrahlung photons originating from relativistic electrons. This ground-based observation provides the first clear evidence that strong electric fields in thunderclouds can continuously accelerate electrons beyond 10 MeV prior to lightning discharges.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2261/7739
ISSN: 00319007
出現カテゴリ:014 自然科学
1150210 学術雑誌論文


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